Many of you are so diligent and devoted to your spiritual path that you have gotten into the habit of always looking for what is wrong with you in a desire to correct it.What we wish to tell you is if you are in troubleshooting mode all the time you will always find more trouble to shoot.Have you gotten into the habit of continually looking for what's wrong with you, rather than simply accepting everything that is oh, so very right about you?

You cannot embrace your beingness—your unique perfection—and resist it at the same time.While we honour your desire to be thorough, we wish to offer you two ideas to put your mind at rest.The first is you can trust the universe to bring into your awareness, with incredible efficiency, anything that needs to be addressed by you.

We are sure you have already experienced this.Have you had old memories suddenly surface? Things come into your awareness to trigger you and get your attention? Opportunities for growth and expansion by books or pieces of wisdom effortlessly coming into your consciousness? Or perhaps you have just really felt the energies and the truly transformative nature of all you have been going through this year.Let us put it to you this way—you could not avoid your growth if you tried! Your soul will always lovingly direct you to whatever you need to address.You can trust in the process which will allow you to stop being negatively focused on yourself.

The second is, you cannot get your path wrong.Even if you made all kinds of choices that took you in a direction that did not honour you, all that would happen is you would get so uncomfortable it would become impossible to stay in that energy.This would lead you to a surrender moment which would result in accelerated forward movement and immediate course correction.You have a self correcting path! You can trust this system of your own soul guidance and energetic feedback even more than ever before due to your increased energetic sensitivities.

Dear Ones, we urge you to love and encourage yourselves forward.Allow the flow to serve you.Be present in your now moment and accept yourselves as being part of a greater whole that will always provide what you need.This will bring you far more peace, comfort, and greater balance as you navigate your life expression.



Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
Ask Gabriel(請問加百利):









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