My dear friends,we love you so very much,

Happy New Year! Happy New Now! Happy year of emerging from behind the masks—some of which you've metaphorically worn for decades and,little by little,from behind the masks that currently cover your faces.One soul at a time,you are coming to the realization that you live in a vibrational reality in which unmasking yourself means a lot more than simply removing a piece of cloth from your face.

You unmask yourself by sharing the truth of yourself with the world.You can unmask yourself by wearing a face mask if that is what makes you feel safe and comfy.You can unmask yourself by removing the cloth,when laws permit if that is what feels right to you.You can unmask your sadness and loneliness by being honest about it and reaching out for help.You can unmask your joy by inspiring and sharing it with others.You can unmask your fears and upsets by expressing pent up rage,or you can unmask your deeper Self by expressing love in even the smallest of ways.

As part of your"unmasking" we ask you to reframe some often-asked questions.Instead of asking,"What is the right thing to do? What is the right belief? What is the truth?" ask yourself,"What resonates with me? What feels right to me,right now? What is my truth—for me?"

You can never presume to know what is right for another soul's path and their growth,but you will always know,in each moment,what is right for you.The resonant choice simply feels good in the here and now.When you focus upon a choice that resonates with you without worrying about what anyone else thinks,your entire body will begin to relax.When your thoughts and your choices are aligned with your soul,you will feel peace,joy,and a rightness and lightness in your being.It doesn't matter what anyone else is doing,thinking,or believing.What resonates with you,defines what is right for you.

For example,some of you will resonate with taking the new vaccine.You will feel good about it and protected by it,and it will work well for you.Others of you will not resonate with the vaccine and will choose to ensure your well-being in ways that do resonate.

We know this stirs up a lot of concerns for those of you on various sides of the highly charged issues upon your earth.You fear that if others do what they want vs.what you feel they should,then they could harm you.We will reassure you time and again that no one,and nothing is in charge of your vibration and your vibration alone will dictate your experience of reality.

So how to navigate seemingly disparate realities? Go within.Create from within as we have been teaching you.Imagine what you want to experience in life,then enjoy your days.Live and let live.Wait for your guidance.The Creator of universes lives in all things and all beings,and can easily orchestrate a harmonious dance of reality,even with all the diverse desires,beliefs,and concerns.

For example,some of you will embrace the vaccine and feel all others should do the same in order to end the pandemic.You can be upset and angry at those who choose not to take it.You can become self-righteous and vengeful and hope they get sick,all the while making yourself sick with stress.A far kinder approach would be to unmask your soul's deeper wishes by going into your inner world and imagining a life a life where all are healthy,happy,harmonious,and free.In creating this focus,you will be guided and this will become your personal experience of reality.

Others of you will oppose the vaccine and be very upset if you feel you have to take it for work,travel,or some other activity you wish to enjoy.You can choose to be angry and indignant and feel victimized.You can take it and self-righteously,unconsciously,create adverse reactions just to say,"I told you so."Afar kinder approach would be to unmask your soul's deeper wishes by going into your inner world and imagining a life without you taking the vaccine where all are happy,healthy,harmonious,and free.Or you can go into your inner world and imagine taking the vaccine but allowing everything non-resonant to pass right through you.In creating this focus,you will be guided and this will become your personal experience of reality.

No matter what you choose,choose to love the reality that resonates with you—the one you are creating inwardly and focusing upon.Then wait with faith and trust for the 5D guidance to steer you in your 3D world.

You are,dear ones,are truly #inittogether,each with your own unique,beautiful,and precious and perfect expressions of love.You were never all meant to agree.You were never meant to impose your will upon another not to allow others to impose their will upon you.You were intended instead to live and let live,love and let love,and to live in a vibration of love,starting with love and acceptance for self and spiraling out eventually to embrace all of creation.

Love,after all,is the vibration that lifts you above problems and into solutions that fit your individual lives,beliefs,and perspectives.Love raises you above discord and into harmony,above illness and into well-being.As you choose to live in love and express love in the smallest moments of appreciation or kindness you raise yourself into a cooperative dance with life—one in which you fit exactly as you are,and one in which you allow others to do the same.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.— The Angels




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