There is a pervasive belief that God tests you.Testing would suggest that you are being graded—that you could pass or fail,which would be judgement.What we want you to understand is there is no higher being interested in judging you or anyone else because judgement is a human construct not a heavenly one.Any being who has the ability to see the entirety of your choices and life expression would only be looking at you through the eyes of understanding,compassion,and love.

What you perceive as tests are simply opportunities for you to self assess where you are on your evolutionary journey and to try out new approaches based on your latest level of attainment.Do you see? They are not tests,they are self evaluation points as you move forward in your mastery.Rest assured,you are consistently loved beyond measure through your shifts and discoveries,and what you perceive as failures,too.It is all simply there for you to gain clarity on who you truly are and how you truly wish to be.



Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
Ask Gabriel(請問加百利):







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