The practice of judgement comes from the need to use externals to define yourself.It is also the continuation of the myth of a judging God, as you will often mimic how you believe God to be.

As you move along your enlightenment journey, which is really a process of coming Home to yourself, you will come to a point where you know and accept yourself and your own truth so completely, as well as the continual unfoldment of your own evolution through the use of surrender, faith, flow and trust, that the need to judge or use externals as a way of defining yourself is no longer necessary.

You will know yourself as an individuated aspect of Source, a beloved and integral part of a loving and supportive whole, and from there judgement will be naturally be replaced with acceptance, and separation consciousness will be replaced with unity consciousness.Peace, compassion, and understanding will become prevalent, which is exactly how the energies of heaven on earth will be experienced and anchored on your planet.What a glorious process of evolution!



Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
Ask Gabriel(請問加百利):







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