So many of you are in deep resistance to your own bodies.Dear Ones, your bodies are dedicated servants to you.They allow you the wondrous ability to feel, to experience, to love in a tangible way.They have worked tirelessly for you from the moment you have taken your first breath, to provide you the vehicle to be on the planet, learning and growing, and participating in the great shift of the ages.

We urge you to make friends with your bodies! They are an essential member of your team.When was the last time you had true love and appreciation for your body? It is a truly miraculous creation.

If there are parts of your body that are not working well, we encourage you to get into a meditation and have a conversation with your body and/or those specific parts.What do they need from you? What would they like you to know? How can you help them thrive? Your body has an innate intelligence that will never steer you wrong if you allow it to take the lead.

Many of you are incredibly judgmental and rejecting of your bodies.What we wish for you to understand is your body is an integral part of you, and when you are rejecting and speaking abusively to it, you are harming yourself.You are practicing resistance and separation consciousness with yourself, which will create a deep discomfort within you and make it difficult for you to thrive.Your negative self talk is detrimental not just to your body but to any other aspects of yourself that are trying to heal and integrate.

Loving your body and truly acknowledging all it does—thanking it, loving it, nurturing it, listening to its guidance, and embracing it as part of the whole of you during your life expression—will shift you into unity consciousness within yourself and from there you will have finally created the perfect conditions for healing and vibrant health that goes far beyond just the physical.



Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
Ask Gabriel(請問加百利):







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