Often the most powerful healing tools are also the most simple,and that is certainly the case for the one we wish to discuss today,and that is using the words 'thank you'.

Thank you is a powerhouse of a term.It indicates acceptance and coming to the end of a transaction.It is a phrase that supports release and staying in the flow.It also provides powerful feedback to the universe.

You are currently in a phase where many things are coming up into your awareness for release.We highly encourage you to thank the universe,your guides,your soul,and your own journey for guiding you to that awareness.Thank yourself for the fact that you have come to the point where this next piece can be released.Acknowledge what you are remembering or feeling,and identify it.Thank it for coming up to the surface for examination.Then lastly thank it for any way it may have served you and wave goodbye to it as it leaves.

If you are experiencing discomfort in your physical body,thank it! Thank the part of you that is working so hard for you.Thank it for indicating that it is in need of your attention.Ask it what it needs from you now.Thank it for never giving up on you even though it has been struggling.If you have loved ones,human or animal,who are struggling physically,thank their bodies for the hard work they are doing.

Thank your body for being in service to you from the moment you took your first breath and for providing a vehicle for your soul to experience the embodiment process.Thank your physical body,your subtle bodies,and your light body for the incredible transformations they are going through.Thank yourself for the service you provide to yourself and the whole as you continue to grow and evolve.

Thank yourself for agreeing to come into the body at this time! Thank your soul for having so much faith in humanity that it wanted to join in the great shift of humanity you are participating in.Thank your many other life selves for the experiences that have led you to this moment in time.Thank all the other wonderful souls who are also on the planet and doing the very best they can from their level of awareness.

Do you see? Thank you is a spoken declaration that moves you out of resistance and shifts you up into a far more empowered place.It is a tool you can easily use to assist you in all ways on your journey,and you may very well be amazed at how effective it is.




Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
Ask Gabriel(請問加百利):







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