Yesterday we gave the analogy of a department store being an example of unity consciousness, demonstrating how each department supports the needs of the shoppers, and how the shoppers also support the store.We wished to show you how there is room for many different interests and avenues of self expression within the whole.

Continuing along that line, we wish to discuss how as the collective evolves, what the store offers will change.If no one wanted guns or ammunition, that particular department would no longer have the support of the shoppers, so it would make no sense to use up valuable space offering something that no longer had the interest of the people.

If people became more focused on their self expression the store might expand into having more creative departments to meet those needs.You might even find an area spring up dedicated to more conscious pursuits.Imagine an inspirational department with prayer rugs next to divination tools, next to bibles, next to crystals, next to meditation programs, next to sacred art, all nestled in between the cleaning products and personal care aisles!

As your focus and self expression evolves, the department store will need to evolve in order to match the needs of the collective, or it will simply become unsustainable.That is the power of your focus and your preference! Withdrawing your energetic support will simply make what is no longer a match obsolete for you.As more of the collective agrees and meets you in that energetic state, the old will simply disappear from your experiences, with no other work required from you than simply staying true to you and your own energetic preferences.

Do you see? That is the power of the shift—so many focused, loving souls simply honouring themselves and their individual journeys, slowly but surely coming together energetically to create a magnificent wave of change on your planet.



Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
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