We spoke yesterday of the healing power of creating your own healing equations—lovely and supportive combinations of words contained in a sentence that create a feeling of relief and expansion within you energetically.They are like a healing balm you can use to treat a space that has been seeking support and healing.You might wonder what the difference is between a healing equation and an affirmation.We would like to address this today.

A healing equation is customized for you, by you, to facilitate a healing response of comfort and heart expansion within your body.An affirmation is often a series of words chosen without considering the specific energetic effect they create in your body.Many times people will use an affirmation they have seen that was created by another because they like the idea of the change it might support.But if an affirmation is not an exact energetic fit for you, you will experience it as feeling not quite true to you and will make you feel like you have to"fake it til you make it".It can be attempting to get an external to make you whole, where a healing equation is created to be a supportive healing tool to shift your own energetics.


To be clear, you might stumble upon an affirmation that does create a good energetic result for you, in which case that affirmation would also be a healing equation for you.Do you see? The difference is taking the time to try words and sentences on, not just as something you repeat hoping to create change some day in the future, but rather as something that you can feel creates change within you right now.And that, Dear Ones, is yet another way you can experience empowerment and embodiment.



Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
Ask Gabriel(請問加百利):







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