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By this point you understand that both ebbs and flows serve you and create an overall system of balance.But we understand there are challenges with each phase.Did you know there are beings specific to each phase you can call on to assist you to harness the benefits and to ease any discomforts?

We like to refer to them as the blue team.The blue team consists of Mother Mary and Archangel Michael.Both are associated with the color blue—Mother Mary, with the lighter blue of the heavens, and Archangel Michael with a darker, more grounded blue.Isn't it interesting that blue is also representative of the flow of water which symbolizes the flow of your journey.



Mother Mary is the ideal being to call on to assist you during lull phases.Lulls give you space to process emotions, to integrate, to release, to rest, to heal.Mother Mary's unconditional love and soothing energy offers gentle guidance and reassurance to help you navigate a lull.

Archangel Michael is the ideal being to call upon during an action phase.Not only will he help clear the path forward for you, he will help you feel protected and find your courage to step fully into embracing the new.He will guide you seamlessly through the fastest, choppiest energies that make it difficult to keep your bearings.His great strength and sense of adventure are ideal to help you navigate a time of accelerated flow.

Do you see? Yet again you have everything you could possibly need to get the most out of every single phase you could experience.All you must do is be willing to ask for the assistance and accept the love and guidance.The supports are always in place for you to assure your success.



Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
Ask Gabriel(請問加百利):







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