There was a coordinated takedown of the Khazarian mafia worldwide last week just as G20 officials were gathering to discuss replacing the UN Security Council with a new world grouping.

The assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe(see below for details) and the messy removal of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones were the most visible parts of this KM takedown.However, there has been a lot more going on.For example, the governments of Estonia, Ireland,


疑撒旦崇拜 喬治亞州神秘巨石遭人破壞後拆除

Israel and Sri Lanka also fell.We also have Dutch farmers completely shutting down the country.


荷蘭強推氮減排計劃 農民封路抗議 警方開槍

Also, it is clear that the two largest remaining KM puppet regimes, the fake Biden administration in the US and the criminal regime of Emmanuelle Macron in France are also about to fall.

In France, Macron's party lost the parliamentary election and now a criminal investigation against Macron has started.On the surface, it is a story about Macron lobbying for Uber but that, like Boris Johnson's parties, this is just a pretext for the removal of a corrupt and compromised ruler.

外媒爆Uber曾每年花費9000萬美元遊說 躲避監管問題

In the United States, the Joe Biden show has become so farcical that even KM propaganda media outlets like the New York Times and Washington Post are starting to question the whole show.There is clearly some group that is deliberately using the actor pretending to be Joe Biden to make a series of blatant errors in order to wake up the last of the brainwashed sheeple

Russian Presidential Avatar Vladimir Putin summed up the world situation as"the beginning of the fundamental collapse of the American-style world order…of the transition from liberal globalist American egocentrism to a truly multipolar world."

Putin also said most countries did not want to follow the Western model of"totalitarian liberalism" and"hypocritical double standards."

"Russia and its president Vladimir Putin are conducting this struggle in the name of humanity, against the terroristic and hostile alliance known as NATO," Venezuelan Foreign Minister Carlos Faria has said, reflecting the views of most countries.
委內瑞拉外交部長卡洛斯·法裡亞(Carlos Faria)說:「俄羅斯及普丁正以人類的名義進行這場鬥爭,反對被稱為北約的恐怖和敵對聯盟。」反映了大多數國家的觀點。

The G20 meeting last week in Indonesia proved that when the huge majority of countries insisted on an end to the US(KM) led world regime.

In any case, we will start with an in-depth look at the assassination of Abe because there is a lot more going on here than has been reported elsewhere.In fact, what happened to Abe can even, without exaggeration, be described as biblical.

To be specific, it represents a move by the Three-Legged Crow(Yatagarasu八咫烏) a Japanese secret society that shares at least a 3000-year history with the people who wrote the Old Testament of the Bible or the Torah.

There is only so much background we can get into here so, we will provide a very rough sketch.Members of the Japanese imperial family and of the Yatagarasu say they are descended from the Pharaohs of Egypt just as are the members of the Swiss-based Octagon group who control monotheism.As evidence of this, the earliest parts of the Bible and the oldest Japanese writings are basically the same.

These groups went their separate ways thousands of years ago but agreed to form an alliance during the Meiji period, when Japan began to modernize.The public shooting of Abe was meant as a signal the deal made between the Octagon group and the Yatagarasu was no longer in force.

Abe belongs to the Southern Choshu clan that has sub-contracted the ruling of Japan from the Octagon group.The Choshu clan are the people behind the Mitsubishi group that controls 10% of the Japanese economy and is close to the Rockefeller and Rothschild families.

Recently this writer was contacted by representatives of the Yatagarasu who said the Jews, unlike them, had been kicked out of their original homeland while they still had theirs.The Yatagarasu, who control Shinto and Japanese Buddhism, have made a decision to help the Jews, the representatives said.

The fact that Johnson and Abe were removed in the same week also shows that the Japanese imperial family and the British Monarchy –the worlds' two most powerful royal families- were on the same page on this issue.

OK with this in mind, let's talk more about Abe.Shortly after the Fukushima mass murder attack on Japan, Abe was installed in a fraudulent election presided over by Khazarian Mafia and Rothschild agent Michael Greenberg.Greenberg also works with the Jesuit CSIS group.Abe was then flown to Davos, Switzerland where he made a speech to the Klaus Schab/Rothschild/Octagon group.The speech basically said China was like Germany before World War I.He was referring to a plan proposed to Russia's Vladimir Putin by George Bush Sr, in 2006.

According to this plan, a new cold war would be started between Russia and the West.This would be used as an excuse for a massive military build-up During this time, Russia would pretend to be China's ally.Then at the last minute Russia, Nato and Japan would all attack China.A defeated China would then be divided into5bickering countries so that it would never again be a threat to the Octagon-controlled West.A Chinese Politburo source has confirmed to this writer that China was aware of this plan.Ultimately, the Russians did not go along with this plan.Instead, their special forces are now destroying the KM bioweapons factories around the world.

In any case, Abe then directed a massive and secretive military build-up in preparation for this invasion of China.Most of the military equipment slated for this attack was destroyed in the 2016 so-called Kumamoto earthquakes, believed to be by China.Abe also built a bioweapons factory disguised as a veterinary college.

Furthermore, the Western military/industrial white hats have also rejected the Bush/KM/DVD plan to kill 90% of humanity"to protect the environment".

The entire Bush clan has now been executed.The public removal of Johnson and Abe and the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones(where the plan was engraved) are all public signs of this.

In place of this plan, a basic agreement was reached between Eastern and Western secret societies.This calls for a polycentric world and a common goal to increase the quantity and diversity of life, including human life.

A word on the Abe assassination:Japanese right-wing sources consider him highly suspicious because he was surrounded by well-known Japanese crisis actors at the time of the"shooting".Police also report that he was shot twice, but if you look at the video of his body didn't even flinch after the first shot.Even after the second shot there is no sign of blood or spatter.

Abe and I have met on several occasions and he has told me that he reads my books.That means he's familiar with the kind of things I write about in this newsletter.I also have contact with his wife from time to time.So we hope that his death was faked and that he will be able to testify at a truth and reconciliation hearing at some point in the future.

However, before a truth and reconciliation hearing can take place, the world revolution must be completed.The key to this, of course, will be the overthrow of the KM regime that controls UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION.There are many signs that this is imminent.

The most important is probably the fact that they have completely lost the support of the people.Recent opinion polls show that only 11% of Americans trust TV news and just 16% trust newspapers.

There is also a daily deluge of real news telling people how corrupt the fake Biden regime is.Most recently, the Washington Free Beacon reports that the Biden administration has sold about1million barrels of the strategic petroleum reserve to a state-controlled Chinese gas giant in which Hunter Biden has a stake.

There is so much more that has already been reported elsewhere that it is unnecessary to repeat it here.However, a long-term sign of America's descent into the third world is the latest data showing that the Chinese are now living longer than their American peers.

The situation has reached the point of an armed uprising.Last week, Texas Gov.Greg Abbott authorized state law enforcement agencies to arrest migrants who illegally crossed the border from Mexico.This is a direct military challenge to federal control.The Arizona, Florida and Wisconsin National Guards have also begun mobilizing against the illegal Biden regime, according to multiple sources.
情況已達到了武裝起義的程度。上週,德州州長格雷格·阿博特(Greg Abbott)授權州執法機構逮捕從墨西哥非法越境的移民。這是對聯邦控制的直接軍事挑戰。據多個消息,亞利桑那州、佛州和威斯康辛州的國民警衛隊也開始動員起來反非法的拜登政權。



There is also a secret military campaign that will change the game.As we reported last week, an entire underground tunnel system surrounding the Ft.Jackson in Carolina"destroyed to the Atlantic Ocean".

According to NSA sources, the White Hats are now in the process of attacking the Fort McPherson base complex in Atlanta, Georgia.This is where the AT&T and CNN Rockefeller stronghold runs the fake psyops of the Joe Biden administration.

To see how bad the psyops are going, watch dimwit Biden read the quotes off his teleprompter."End of quote.Repeat the line".


川普釋出拜登「看提詞機」合輯 受訪眼神失焦說:這邊往上

超詭異! 拜登與空氣握手? 全場傻眼

The fall of Biden will be followed by a similar move in Canada, according to Canadian intelligence sources."Justin Castro will be ousted from office and humiliated before the world public.Canadians, backed by the military alliance, are awaiting the signal to take action," they promise.

For their part, Dutch farmers warn Prime Minister Mark Rutte:
荷蘭農民則警告首相馬克·呂特(Mark Rutte):

"The protests will continue.We have the support of millions of people.There will be actions that Holland has never seen.

It looks like it started in China too.People are rising up against the CCP machine.Banks have collapsed there and police have been unable to stop protesters by fraudulently manipulating their mobile devices to make it appear as if they have"Covid".


1800億存款被銀行消失!中國「韭菜儲戶」湧美使館微博求助 想抗議?只有被打、被確診的份

The Chinese people need to realize that George Soros boasted that his people took over China in 1987.We had video of him saying that, but it seems to have been deleted from our computers and the internet.However, the fact that the regime there is going along with the fake pandemic and the extreme social control that has accompanied it is a clear sign that they are not working for the Chinese people.

An MI6 source says:"The days of the G7, G20 and the like are over.Their failure will be reflected in an economic implosion leading to global unrest like the one we are seeing in Sri Lanka."

"All those archaic prime ministers should be rounded up and shot, along with all those old habits…Clear the decks," the source continued.

When the regime finally falls, people will hear a lot of shocking things.Here are a few clues as to the nature of the horrific truths that will come to light in the public trials and hearings that will follow the KM's worldwide defeat.

Mel Gibson spoke the truth about pedophiles and child sacrifice…It cost him his acting career.He has said he has enough financially and doesn't need to worry.


Also, remember the story that 20% of the meat sold in supermarkets comes from a different animal than what's on the label?

"Identification of Animal Species in Ground Meat Products Sold in the United States" by Dawn Kane(
「在美國銷售的碎肉製品的動物種類鑑定」,作者:道恩·凱恩(Dawn Kane)(

Now we have a case where a funeral home was caught selling body parts, probably for decades.

You can rest assured that this is just the tip of the iceberg,
Of course, the KM reacts in the only way it knows how, namely by spreading fear porn and panic.But like the boy who called the wolf, when they yell"monkeypox","omicron","ninja virus","deadly mosquitoes" and so on, no one believes them anymore.

To wrap up this week, here are some of the latest Project Bluebeam signs in the sky, indicating what an undisclosed space program source says"something big is about to happen."

First we saw an eye in the sky over Manitoba, Canada.


The second is a"video of a beautiful SSP cigar ship seen in Canada by Native Americans".

Next up:drones over Monterrey, Mexico

And finally:Alien ships over Japan














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