The unfoldment is a supported path.If something feels wrong to you,going ten steps further into that energy is not going to suddenly make it feel better.In fact,it will only get more and more uncomfortable until you listen to what you already know.

So often we see you have the awareness that something isn't a match for you but you continue on in the same direction because you want to please others,you think it is something you should do,or if you just try hard enough you can make it work.This is when your body will step in and do everything it can to get you to redirect.Your discomfort is like a dear friend doing whatever they can to get you to pay attention and change course!

As you move forward into the new energies,many of you will find yourselves more and more energetically sensitive.As you deepen your trust in your own abilities and give yourself permission to be the empowered leader of your own life expression,you will not need to wait until you get really uncomfortable before you listen to what your inner wisdom has been telling you all along.You will start to respond to much more subtle energies and that,Dear Ones,is exactly what will make your path forward far easier and more direct than ever before.



Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
Ask Gabriel(請問加百利):







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