Dear Ones, when you release something, allow it to be gone.

Let us suppose you feel fear. You identify the emotion, you explore it, you thank it for its purpose, and allow it to leave. That is a wonderful success! But so many of you fall into doubting the effectiveness of your release, so you start looking for more fear. You fear you haven't released the fear which creates more fear. Before you know it, you are on a merry-go-round of release and re-identification that keeps you in a loop of what you were trying to let go of in the first place.

We honour you for wanting to be thorough but it is completely safe for you to let go of an emotion and trust it is done. If you are using the core elements of surrender, faith, flow, and trust, if there is more of that emotion that is ready to be released it will come into your awareness when the time is right, you will deal with it, and get right back into the flow of your forward movement. The system is incredibly efficient and will serve you and your progress beautifully if you allow it to.




Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
翻譯: Nick-Chan
Ask Gabriel(請問加百利):






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