Dear Ones, it is time to up-level your manifestations. When you try to create within what is already known, or within what you think is possible, you limit yourselves. If you have been feeling like you don"t know where to go or what to do next, it is because you have already gone as far as you can in the energies of the known.

The old method of manifestation, which involves holding a very specific vision of what you want does work but it is still playing within the energy of the known. That method involves micro-managing the universe and completely limits what you are willing to receive. It is like having access to an entire ocean but only being willing to accept what can trickle through a straw.

But you are pioneers and your soul craves expansion! It is time to allow yourself to be led into the discovery of what exists for you, just beyond what you can see, in the realm of potentiality. You get there by casting your net wider, being curious, and being willing to be led. It involves letting go of all expectations and attachments to things looking a certain way.

It means allowing your soul, and your guides, to reveal the highest matches to you that never could have dreamed existed. It is through your broad intention and willingness to move forward, even if you don"t know where you are going, that you become a truly empowered co-creator with a universe that adores you.



Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
翻譯: Nick-Chan
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