It's Metaphysical Monday! Today we will be discussing how to tell if you’ve connected with a higher being.

Many people have a desire to connect with their spirit guides, angels or ascended masters but have fear around it because they don't want to get tricked into connecting with a being that is not a higher being. It is very easy to tell the difference!

Contact with a higher being will give you upper chakra activation, from the heart chakra up. You may feel heart expansion, or being washed with love. You may feel ringing in the ears, or tingling on top of your head. You may get a minty mentholated sensation (this is called the breath or the kiss of an angel) that is cool feeling under your nose or on your chest. Any of these are reliable indicators because a lower being doesn't have the ability to activate higher chakras.



The quality of the messages you receive are also a sign. Messages from higher beings are only loving, supportive, accepting, encouraging, and honour your free will. They will never tell you you have to do something you don't want to do or feed fear or doubt.

By paying attention to what is going on in your body, along with the quality of the messages you receive, you can proceed confidently into connecting with spirit. If you do connect with a spirit that doesn't give you the right indicators, you don't have to be afraid, you simply just say no, my intention is to work with a higher being and redirect, or you can come out of your meditation and go back in with the intention of connecting with a higher being. You are always in charge.

If you do receive messages from spirit, please always run it through your own wisdom. Does it feel true? How does it sit in your body? Does it feel comfortable or do you feel clenched or resistant? It is essential to use your discernment, particularly when you are first starting. Over time you will develop a relationship with one or several guides who you will recognize and know you can trust.

If you do begin to connect with spirit and feel you’ve received a message for another, please make sure you are using the same traits the higher being use with you, which is making sure it is loving, accepting, encouraging, positive and honouring their free will. That includes asking the person if they would like to receive the message rather than giving it without their consent. It is important to respect every person's preferences and right to choose.

By using these tips you’ll be able to truly explore communicating with your guides in a way that feels safe and supported and can lead to much expansion and joy in your life.

PS. Happy Equinox!



作者:Shelley Young

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