It's Metaphysical Monday! Today I would like to share my favourite self muscle testing technique with you. Muscle testing, for those of you who may not know, is using your body to indicate if something is empowering or disempowering to you.

While arm testing (extending your arm while you are holding what you would like to test over your heart centre and having someone gently press down on your arm to see if you are strengthened or weakened by the thing you are testing) works very well, we don't always have someone around to do that for us.


There are many self testing techniques such as sway testing or using your fingers in various ways but I’ve always struggled to find one that worked reliably for me that gave clear results that were as unmistakeable as the arm testing. That is, until I found this technique.

Extend your dominant arm straight in front of you. Make the thumbs down gesture with your hand, making sure your thumb would be pointing at 6 o'clock if your thumb was a hand on a clock. Ask,"What is yes?"and rotate your thumb clockwise until it won't comfortably go any further. Note where it would be on a clock. My yes is around the 4 o’clock position. Allow your thumb to go back back to the original thumbs down position. Next ask,"What is no?"and again rotate your thumb clockwise noting the point where it won't go any further. My no is around 1 o’clock.
將你的慣用手臂伸直在你面前。用你的手做拇指朝下的手勢,請確保你的拇指朝向6點鐘方向。問:"什麼是"是"?"並順時針旋轉拇指,直到它不能舒適地移動為止。注意它在時鐘上的位置。我的是在4點鐘方向位置附近。 回到原來拇指向下的位置。接下來問,"什麼是"否"?"然後再次順時針旋轉你的拇指,注意它不會再移動的點。我的在1點鐘方向左右。

It's as simple as that! Practice until you feel confident that you know where your yes result and no result is, and then you can test things by holding them against your heart centre, or by simply asking a question with your inner voice.
就這麼簡單! 練習直到你確信你知道你的"是"和"否"結果在哪裡,然後你可以通過將它們放在你的心臟中心來測試它們,或者簡單地從你的內心問一個問題。

I really like this technique because it is reliable for me, I can't seem to throw the results with what I think or would like the answer to be like I can with some other muscle testing techniques, and it doesn't tire my arm out. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

PS. If you still aren't sure what I mean by the written instructions, I will have a video posted of me demonstrating it on youtube and social media. Hope you find it helpful!




作者:Shelley Young
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