My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You are all perfect in our eyes, even as you expand into more. There are no criteria by which we judge, or the Divine judges you in heaven. Nothing you can do, think, or say will change our view of you because we know who you are. We see your light, goodness, and the truth you seek. We don't focus on your so-called mistakes or your so-called imperfections. These are ripples on the surface of a deep ocean. These are things that catalyze you to create. We see the love beneath, and only that.

What if you were to see yourselves this way? Could you spend an hour of your life assuming you are a perfect being of light having an experience on earth? When you get results that please you, you know you've been tuning according to your desires. When you get results that displease you, it's time to recalibrate. Although this is a simple concept, the challenge is reminding yourself that this is how the universe works when you have all been trained by those who didn't understand.

Your life can be so much easier. Is your day flowing? Celebrate, focus on your appreciation for it, and it will flow even more easily. Is your day a"comedy of errors?"Stop. Breathe. Remind yourself that all you have to do is recalibrate your energy field. What pleases you? Distract yourself for a few moments with enjoyable thoughts. Remind yourself you are doing your best. Take a moment and pause until you feel better. As a result of your recalibration, you'll shift your whole day and enter the flow. The two to five minutes it takes to focus on a good feeling thought or something you enjoy right in front of you will pay off in hours, days, months, and even lifetimes if you get in the habit!

When you feel you've made a mistake, catch yourself when you start to criticize or beat yourself up. Dear ones, you are criticizing the light of God having an experience! Would you scold a child for learning? Would you criticize someone who didn't know better? Would you tell your best friend what you are saying to yourself? Probably not. Be your best friend, dear ones. Talk sweetly to yourself. Recognize that your so-called mistakes are just opportunities, not a cause to feel that you are somehow flawed or"lesser than."

We understand that you are unlearning old training. Many of you would argue that things can't be so simple simply because you have learned they must be hard. And that is OK dear ones! You can vent your frustrations to the heavens, and instead of your anger, we'll see your passion, desire, and deep, deep, intense love for what you seek to enjoy, experience, and create.

In our eyes, you are perfect, ever-expanding, and constantly growing. Try, as often as you can, to see yourself that way.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.— The Angels



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