There are many signs we are headed for some sort of massive black swan event or set of events, that is likely to involve both a white hat mass arrest operation and a Khazarian Mafia response that will dwarf 911.

One hint that something is being planned came in the form of a full-page advertisement in the New York Times that read:"OCEAN OF STORMS, 11.01.2024 New Moon."(insert photo here)
其中一個暗示正在計劃某事的跡象是《紐約時報》上的一頁全版廣告,上面寫著:「風暴之海,2024年11月1日 新月」(OCEAN OF STORMS, 11.01.2024 New Moon)(插入照片在此)

The Q site linked to high-level military intelligence too is claiming first"the world ends"and"revelations"for that day.

There is also some sort of top-secret UFO meeting for Congress to be held around the same time.

Colonel Douglas MacGregor agrees, saying his own extensive contacts tell him"Financial Armageddon is coming…We are headed for bankruptcy. All of this is going to come together in what I fear will be a perfect storm that could really rock this nation to its very foundations."
道格拉斯上校(Colonel Douglas MacGregor)也同意,他表示,根據他廣泛的人脈,得知「金融末日即將來臨…我們正走向破產。我擔心這一切將在一場我認為可能是一場完美風暴中匯聚在一起,可能會真正動搖這個國家的根基。」

The end of something called Reverse Repurchase Agreements also shows some sort of financial black swan event is coming. RRAs are a device the Fed started using in 2020 to create the appearance the big US banks are still solvent. The graph here of plunging RRA volume indicates the plug is being pulled on the big banks. (insert chart here)
稱做「逆回購協議」(Reverse Repurchase Agreements/RRA)的結束也顯示某種金融黑天鵝事件即將發生。RRA是聯邦儲備系統於2020年開始使用的一種手段,旨在營造美國大型銀行仍是清盈的外觀。這裏顯示的RRA交易量急劇下降的圖表表明大型銀行正在被切斷支援。(插入圖表在此)

The banks are doomed because a staggering 50 million individuals are now defaulting on loan payments while 67% of American workers say the cost of living is outpacing wage growth.

These hints of some sort of major event come as the fake Biden regime in the US is visibly crumbling."President"Joe Biden has had no public meetings since December 22nd, only CG video events.

Also, the fake secretary of defense Lloyd Austin has been hospitalized since January 1st, due to"complications following a recent elective medical procedure."Austin is supposed to be available at a moment's notice to respond to any national security crisis. His second in command Kathleen Hicks, who is supposed to take over his duties in the event of a crisis, was"on vacation in Puerto Rico."at the time of Austin's hospitalization. As of this writing Pentagon has"not provided any further details on Austin's medical status, including whether he lost consciousness, or when he expects to be released."
此外,假國防部長奧斯汀自1月1日起因「最近進行的選擇性醫療程序引起的併發症」而住院。奧斯汀應隨時準備應對任何國安危機,但在奧斯汀住院期間,他的副手希克斯(Kathleen Hicks),在危機發生時應該接任他的職務,卻當時「正在波多黎各度假」。截至撰寫本文時,五角大樓「未提供有關奧斯汀的醫療狀況的進一步細節,包括他是否失去知覺,以及預計何時出院」的消息。

美國國防部長奧斯汀住院、動手術未通報 被指玩忽職守

"I am receiving valid rumors that Austin is not with us anymore. Something else is going on behind the curtain. This is all a smokescreen,"a CIA source says.

This comes as House Republicans begin steps to impeach Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas over his handling of the border crisis. With his military backing gone, Mayorkas is toast.
這發生在眾議院共和黨人開始著手彈劾國安部部長馬約卡斯(Alejandro Mayorkas),指責他在處理邊境危機方面的作為。隨著他的軍事支持消失,馬約卡斯將會難逃一劫。

Another sign something is happening is that Canadian crime minister Justin Castrudeau was caught trying to flee to his fatherland of Cuba around the same time Austin was"hospitalized,"according to Canadian intelligence services. The cover story being put out is"Trudeau's aircraft has broken down during a trip to Jamaica."

杜魯多赴牙買加度假飛機故障 國防部出動第二架軍機接回

Castrudeau tried to flee because his vaccine mass murder campaign has been exposed. For example, when the Government of Alberta eventually presented its evidence in court to justify its COVID-19 measures, it was founded on speculation and climate modeling. To this day, no substantive evidence been put forward. This means military police have been activated to investigate what has now been proven to be a crime. (See attached detailed video)

The Khazarian mafia will not go quietly into the night and we hear from various sources that they are planning a horrific mass terror event. A senior source in the secret space program says they will attack California with a massive earthquake followed by a devastating tsunami. The source says:"Half of California will be destroyed, including Silicon Valley."

This disaster will be used as an excuse to stop the 2024 US elections and impose martial law. Gnostic Illuminati sources say this is necessary because they believe an evil AI is in Silicon Valley and must be destroyed.

It remains to be hoped that this attack can be prevented by the white hats, but California residents are urged to take necessary precautions.

Speaking of earthquake attacks, Japanese military intelligence and MI6 have confirmed to us that the New Years Day earthquake that struck Ishikawa Prefecture last week was caused by a directed energy weapon. The attack was ordered by Rear Admiral Carl A. Lahti, the chief of the U.S. Navy in Japan, according to the Japanese military.
說到地震襲擊,日軍情部和軍情六處已向我們證實,上週襲擊石川縣的新年地震是由定向能量武器引起的。據日軍表示,這次襲擊是由美海軍日本區司令拉赫提將軍(Admiral Carl A. Lahti)下令的。

日本石川地震增至213死 政府指定為「激甚災害」

He was also involved in the hijacking of a Japanese Coast Guard aircraft that came into the path of a civilian passenger plane.

Lahti faces charges of mass murder innocent civilians face a war crimes trial and will likely receive the death penalty.

Ishikawa Prefecture was attacked because it is the home of the Maeda clan, which fought for Japanese independence.

The attack has prompted Crime Minister Fumio Kishidas slave government to reiterate its support for Rockefellers "rules-based world order." The slave government also promised to continue sending money to Ukraine and accepting orders through KM slave politician and former crime minister Taro Aso.

The attack on Japan involved a high-ranking royal bloodline changing the guard. It is significant that the Japanese emperor canceled a public appearance scheduled for New Years Day because of the earthquake.



On the same New Years Day, Denmarks Queen Margrethe II surprisingly announced her resignation. "I will leave the throne to my son Crown Prince Frederik," she announced.
在同一個元旦,丹麥的瑪格麗特二世女王(Queen Margrethe II)意外宣佈辭職。她宣佈:「我將把王位讓給我的兒子弗雷德裡克(Crown Prince Frederik)。」



Also King Charles III. is facing calls to abdicate and hand the throne to Prince William. However, many English people would rather have a King Harold again and disprove the Norman bloodline of William the Conqueror.

Japanese right-wing sources close to the emperor explain that this is all related to some sort of massive financial/political realignment. The Danish royal family is the second oldest royal family in the world after the Japanese. The bloodlines that control the Western financial system are using this advanced age to decide who ultimately controls the money supply, multiple sources said.

Related to this is the fact that Queen Elizabeth II sent a photo of the assassination of the Meiji Emperor to the University of Tokyo before her assassination. This suggests that impostors have since taken over the role of emperor in Japan.

If these sources are correct, there could be a major public announcement of an anniversary and financial shake-up later this month.

Regardless of what the royals do or dont do, a serious KM investigation has begun with a massive document dump related to Jeffrey Epstein and his pedo island.

Importantly, this information has been released by a court, paving the way for legal action against the child torturers who visited the island.


愛潑斯坦案數百份密封文件將公布 克林頓代號「無名氏36」

These include Bill and Hillary Clinton Rockefeller, Barack Obama Hitler, Prince Andrew and many others. This is a sign that they will all likely end up on the chopping block. Listen to what Donald Trump has to say about Clinton in this 10-second video:

Hillary Clinton is also listed as a witness. Likewise, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, who is accused of raping an Epstein victim. Now it begins to make sense why the Zionist ADL is screaming so loudly.(See attached 2 court documents)
希拉蕊也被列為證人。同樣,以色列前總理巴瑞克(Ehud Barak)也被指控性侵一名愛潑斯坦的受害者。現在我們可以理解錫安主義的反誹謗聯盟(ADL)為何如此大喊大叫了。(見所附的兩份法庭文件)


【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-1-8 每週快訊

【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-1-8 每週快訊

Another revelation is that "Epstein forced Jane Doe #3, who was a minor at the time, to have sexual relations with former Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, a close friend of Epsteins and a well-known criminal defense attorney."(See attached court document)
另一項披露是「愛潑斯坦強迫當時還是未成年人的無名氏3號與前哈佛大學法學教授德肖維茨(Alan Dershowitz)發生性關係,後者是愛潑斯坦的密友,也是著名的刑事辯護律師」。(見所附法庭文件)


【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-1-8 每週快訊

This is the same Dershowitz who plans to defend Israel against charges of genocide at the International Criminal Court.


【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-1-8 每週快訊

The documents also reveal that Prince Andrew had an orgy with "numerous" underage girls on Epsteins island.

The testimony also reveals that physicist Stephen Hawking "enjoyed watching naked children solve complex equations on a chalk board that was too tall."


【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-1-8 每週快訊

【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-1-8 每週快訊

By the way, weve reported before that the original Hawking died long ago and that a doppelganger - who wasnt paralyzed - played his role for decades.

Our sources also tell us that Steve Bannon interviewed Jeffrey Epstein before his arrest and has not yet released the 15-hour tape.
我們的消息還說,班農(Steve Bannon)在愛潑斯坦被捕前對其進行了採訪,但尚未公佈這捲長達15小時的錄音帶 。

While all of this is very exciting, we have this Most of them have been heard before and are still waiting for actual arrests in connection with the pedo island. As Ghislaine Maxwells lawyer says:"When you look at this crime, this overall crime, its about men abusing women over a long period of time, and theres only one person in prison - a woman."
儘管這一切都非常令人振奮,但大多數這些內容之前都已被聽過,人們仍在等待與狂歡島有關的實際逮捕。正如麥斯韋爾(Ghislaine Maxwell)的律師所說:「當你看這種罪行,這種集體犯罪,它是關於男人長時間虐待女人的,然而在監獄裏卻只有一個人—一名女人。」

We also need concrete legal action regarding mass torture and murder of children and not just talk about sex with 15 year old girls.

Polish intelligence sources, for example, confirm that after the coup in Kiev in 2014, Ukraine became a breeding ground for pedophiles of all kinds. Joe and Hunter Biden were central figures in the child trafficking ring. J. Biden owned a mansion with an extensive network of underground tunnels and adrenochrome and organ harvesting factories.

"The real reason for the hunts organized by the Cabal was to scare the children and thus increase their adrenochrome levels. They also had devices that allowed them to suck blood in the forest, and while they were alive they could "Sucking it directly from the body. All British and Danish monarchs have taken part in these hunts," the sources said.

For their part, Russian sources claim that they have discovered over 40 biological weapons laboratories operated by the USA and the CIA in Ukraine. They also found mutilated and dead children lying in chains in the underground tunnels beneath Chernobyl (a system owned by Biden).

Russia has requested a UN Security Council meeting on January 22 about the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine.

This is a sign that it now feels strong enough to issue an ultimatum to Western Europe. The US will not fight to defend it.

Ask yourself:What if Russia funded Nazi militias in Canada, started a civil war, established a puppet regime, and installed a proxy at the U.S. border. Then Canada bombed civilians, kidnapped and tortured tens of thousands of children, manufactured pathogens, stockpiled weapons and built an army. This is what the US did to Ukraine.
捫心自問: 如果俄羅斯在加拿大資助納粹民兵,發動內戰,建立傀儡政權,並在美國邊境安插代理人。然後,加拿大轟炸平民、綁架和折磨數萬名兒童、製造病原體、儲存武器並組成軍隊。這就是美國對烏克蘭所做的一切。

This also happens within the USA. A US-based whistleblower reports in detail about a child trafficking network in the US that uses Wal-Mart as a concentration camp. He talks about non-governmental organizations that run child trafficking rings in the United States and how they set up child concentration camps.

Trump has said before that we have to do something about all these missing children kidnapped by perverts. There are too many incidents - quick trials, death penalty."

No wonder fake Biden is freaking out. He says:"With former aides, Trump plans to invoke the Insurrectionist Act - the Insurrection Act - which would allow him to use US military forces on the streets of America - something he is not allowed to do under normal circumstances. "
難怪假拜登感到驚慌。他表示:「川普計劃動用《暴動法案》(Insurrection Act);將允許他能在街頭動用美軍,因為在一般情況下是不允許的。」 and-defending-the-sacred-cause-of-american-democracy-blue-bell-pa

By the way, official court documents prove that Donald Trump has been cleared of any wrongdoing and that he did not visit Jeffrey Epsteins island or homes.


【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-1-8 每週快訊

【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-1-8 每週快訊

Fear of retaliation may be why so many elites seek underground bunkers to hide out. They may also be planning some kind of nasty ultrasonic attack. A video editing expert discovered dangerous ultrasound embedded in Obamas film "Leave The World Behind." It contained four audio files instead of one, and the fourth appeared to be a low-frequency infrasonic weapon.
對報復的擔憂可能是這麼多精英尋找地下掩體躲藏的原因。他們可能還計劃進行某種惡毒的超聲攻擊。一名影片剪輯專家發現了嵌入在歐巴馬的電影《斷訊》(Leave The World Behind)中的危險超聲波。它包含四個音頻文件而不是一個,第四個似乎是一種低頻次聲波武器。

We wonder if this company, which offers $100 million luxury bunkers for the elite, was one of the films sponsors. (The film shows such a bunker as they are offering.

The KM are also still desperately trying to provoke all-out nuclear war, as their recent terrorist bombings in Iran show.


【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-1-8 每週快訊

However, the Iranians are too well informed to take the bait. This is what Iranian intelligence sources tell us:

The terrorist bombing in Iran was a satanic ritual to celebrate the four hundredth birthday of Sabbetai Sevi. To celebrate Sabbetai Sevis birthday. Reza Pahlavi was born on the same day as Sabbetai Sevi, namely the ninth day of the month Ab in the Hebrew calendar.
對伊朗的恐怖爆炸是一場撒旦儀式,慶祝薩貝塔伊·賽維(Sabbetai Sevi)的四百歲生日。為了慶祝賽維的生日,雷薩·巴爾維(Reza Pahlavi)出生在希伯來曆的亞卜月第九天,與賽維的出生日相同。

The satanic ritual celebrating the four hundredth satanic anniversary of the birth of Sabbetai Sevi began with the assassination of Ghasem Soleymani and is expected to last at least six years.
這場慶祝賽維出生四百週年的撒旦儀式始於暗殺蘇萊馬尼(Ghasem Soleymani),預計將至少持續6年。

Instead of starting World War III, Irans foreign minister declares that the country has taken "legal action" through the United Nations after two terrorist attacks that killed and injured hundreds of people

Middle Eastern governments know Israels days are numbered and are waiting for it to implode.

Ive sat with a lot of people who have just visited all the major capitals and talked to many of the elites, and they all say the same thing:First, Sykes-Picot is over. Thats the first thing that comes out of everyones mouth. Sykes-Picot was the 1918 agreement that ultimately divided the Middle East into todays states. The Balfour Paper (which called for the creation of Israel) was one piece of this larger puzzle. You also talk about a post-American and a post-Israeli Middle East. Jordan is on the brink of collapse, says Colonel Douglas MacGregor

In Israel itself, only 15% of Israelis want Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to remain in office. Here you can watch US Senator Graham tell Netanyahu he wants to "push forward to make Irans worst nightmare come true." The Satanist Netanyahu slips and answers:"We are getting to our war games quickly." Your game is over.

The Israeli government is not the only one that will fall. A major revolution is already underway in Europe.

In Poland, the government of German EU agent Donald Tusk is quickly turning into a nightmare.
在波蘭,德國歐盟代理人圖斯克(Donald Tusk)政府正迅速變成一場噩夢。

Polish intelligence tells us that his government is planning to:

Surround television stations with police to enforce his propaganda messages. He has signed treaties that remove Polands veto on the EU budget. This budget envisages Poland handing over 150 billion euros in order to receive 30 billion euros from the EU.

It has also emerged that the Germans loaned millions to Tusks PO party to pay extras to take part in their Million Heart March. He now accepts the mass resettlement of military-age male Arabs and Muslim immigrants who have sparked a crime wave in other European countries.

In Poland you can currently move freely on the streets day and night; the police and the city guard ensure order. Allowing large numbers of foreign criminals into the country will lead to unrest, followed by military action and mass arrests.

Everyone is shocked that Tusk staged a coup and violated all constitutional rights.

Tusk will be sent to prison when the government returns. The Poles shouldnt find out about this.

The Poles strike back; Polish farmers have resumed the blockade of the border with Ukraine.

In Germany, meanwhile, a mass protest by farmers has apparently brought down the deeply unpopular government of Olaf Scholz. The government has been forced to roll back several tyrannical and nonsensical tax and net zero policies that harm food production to the detriment of local farmers. This is what a victory you wont see in the mainstream media looks like.
與此同時,在德國,農民的大規模抗議似乎已推翻了蕭茨(Olaf Scholz)的爛政府。政府被迫撤銷幾項有害食品生產、損害當地農民的專制和荒謬稅收和淨零政策。這就是在主流媒體中看不到的勝利。


德國政府擬砍補助 農民發動堵路全國抗議一週


德火車司機罷工3天!農民公路抗爭 交通大打結

Germans are also upset that the Berlin government is offering children a prostitution picture book to teach them that the sex trade is safe and enjoyable. "Rosie Needs Money" is written from the perspective of a little girl and is aimed at children aged 6-12.

Meanwhile, in Asia, it looks as if China is also facing a revolution. The fall in real estate prices leads to mass unrest.

Freedom Houses China Dissent Monitor project counted 1,777 demonstrations related to the real estate sector between June 2022 and October 2023. Two-thirds of those demonstrators were homebuyers and homeowners protesting "project delays, contract violations, alleged fraud and poor workmanship," the report said. Most of the remaining protesters were construction workers demanding unpaid wages.

"The CCP faces far-reaching challenges, with wave after wave of unemployment and Layoffs affecting various industries and sectors. Protests and rights-defending incidents continue to occur, and riots break out all over the country. … I can foresee that the CCP will not be able to handle this " says Lai Jianping, a former Chinese lawyer and current affairs commentator who lives in Canada.

"An old Chinese saying goes:If people are not afraid of death, it is of no use to threaten them with death."

It looks like some kind of international mass awakening has begun. The image below shows a critical mass of people who have figured out that the government is their enemy.



The awakening people are taking action now. Heads will roll.












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