The Satanic Khazarian Mafia ruling class of the West is more vulnerable than it ever has been in its history. This is because a critical mass of people has awakened to the fact our governments are our mortal enemies. With a big push by the white hat military, together with farmers, truckers and ordinary citizens, we can remove them from power and bring them to justice.

The KM, for its part, is still desperately trying to poison us and otherwise kill us or force us into submission. Like Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu -who drastically upped repression before being overthrown and executed- this effort will fail.
就其本身而言,可薩黑手黨在拚命試圖毒害或以其他方式殺害我們,或迫使我們屈服。就像羅馬尼亞獨裁者齊奧塞斯庫(Nicolae Ceaușescu)在被推翻和處決之前極大加強鎮壓一樣,這種努力將會失敗。

However, we need to take immediate action because the KM ruling class is literally trying to kill us NOW.

Look at the situation with Ukrainian grain The KM are trying to bankrupt European farmers by flooding Europe with underpriced Ukrainian grain that has been deliberately poisoned. Food from Ukraine is poisoned with nanoparticles that are addictive and cause mental confusion, according to Polish intelligence.

To help force us to eat their toxic food The World Economic Forum (WEF) has proposed completely banning the production of your own food, citing its favorite excuse:climate change.

Meanwhile, Giant agribusiness corporations like Cargill, Dupont and Monsanto all owned by BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street and Banking have been smuggling in falsely labeled grain to Europe. European farmers in at least 14 countries have been fighting to avoid being bankrupted by this grain. The farmers are blocking roads to stop these imports while government officials try to bypass the blockades by bringing in the grain via ships, according to Polish intelligence


【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-2-19 每週快訊

French farmers are now not just slowing down foreign food trucks, but giving away food for free to anyone who wants it.

The Europeans are lucky their farmers are still fighting to protect their food supply. A new study reveals four in five Americans have been poisoned by chlormequat chloride—a plant growth chemical that causes lower fertility and harms developing fetuses even at doses below acceptable levels set by regulators. It is found in wheat and oat products, including brands like Cheerios and Quaker Oats. This is only one of many poisons being put into products we use or consume on a daily basis.
歐洲人很幸運,因為他們的農民仍在努力保護自己的食品供應。一項新研究顯示,五份之四的美國人已被矮壯素(Chlormequat Chloride/一種植物生長化學物)毒害,這種化學物會降低生育能力,並且即使在監管機構設定的可接受水平以下的劑量下也會對發育中的胎兒造成傷害。它被發現存在於小麥和燕麥產品中,包括《Cheerios》和《Quaker Oats》等品牌。這只不過是許多每天我們使用或消費產品中投放的毒素之一。

This is deliberate. Let that sink in:the owners of the mega-corporations have poisoned you and your family on purpose. They have repeatedly said they plan to kill 90% of humanity and enslave the rest.

Who are these people? It turns out the largest shareholders of 88% of the S&P 500 companies are BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street.

These same funds also own the pharmacidical companies that just murdered tens of millions of people with toxic vaccines. Make no mistake, this is deliberate mass murder. Recent government data from England shows there were 1 million deaths of vaccinated people compared to 61,000 deaths of unvaccinated people since the COVID-19 bioweapon attack started in 2020.

This comes as we get new testimony from the father of Fani Willis, (a district attorney who is attacking US Commander in Chief Donald Trump), that he knew about COVID plans in 2019.
這件事發生在我們收到來自威利斯(Fani Willis)父親的新證詞之際(他是攻擊美國總統川普的地區檢察官),他於2019年就已知道新冠陰謀的事情。

In a sign the KM are freaking out about the reaction to the vaccine murders, the French government just passed a law dubbed "Article Pfizer' that could result in up to three years of imprisonment or a fine of 45,000 euros for anyone who criticizes mRNA treatments.

These criminals are also developing plant-based "vaccines' intended to be seamlessly integrated into the food supply, all without the public's awareness.

This means Vanguard, State Street and BlackRock are legitimate military targets, Special forces need to seize their headquarters and locate the names and addresses of the mass murderers who control these entities, Here are their addresses:


100 Vanguard Boulevard Malvern, PA 19355-2000 USA

State Street:

One Congress Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA


50 Hudson Yards, New York, USA

If you are in the military or police, insist that these entities be seized and searched. It is a matter of life and death for you and your family.

Of course, we know who many of the owners are. Last week, in Munich Germany, the child torturing mass murderer Killary Clinton Rockefeller was spotted with her terrorist mass murderer employee Tedros Ghehebreyesus of the WHO (World Harm Organization). This is the real one, fat and old, by the way, and not one of the many rubber-masked actors who fill in for her. The question is why Killary still alive let alone free?


【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-2-19 每週快訊

Tedros, Killary and other KM honchos are gathering at KM headquarters in Geneva to try to impose their global pandemic treaty on the nations of the world. This would allow them to seize complete totalitarian world power in the event of an emergency they themselves create.

In the video below you can watch Tedros spout fear porn in an attempt to cow us into submission:

"There will be another Disease X, or a Disease Y or a Disease Z. And as things stand, the world remains unprepared for the next Disease X, and the next pandemic."

We also saw Klaus Schwab Rothschild at a"World Government Summit"in Dubai, UAE last week, calling for a"fusion of our physical, biological, and digital identities."Also, in a moment of honesty, he said:"We need ethical frameworks to make sure we keep the ghost of AI in the bottle and we…DO NOT CREATE A UTOPIAN FUTURE."

Of course the White Helmets are on the case. A senior US Space Force official contacted us after a long conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin and said US President Donald Trump was in Moscow when Tucker Carlson interviewed Putin earlier this month. Important documents were personally delivered to Trump and as a result "were going to have a very interesting few weeks."

The source also said:"US officials will soon have a big surprise regarding Iran." This is apparently related to an official declaration by Iran that Antarctica is its property.


Also at the North Pole and in Greenland, at the Thule base (now Pituffik Called Space Base), there are many activities. "Russia is very active at the North Pole. It is now just as important as Antarctica. The Russians already have a large underground base there. It is connected to the WH Alliance. There is nothing about it in the MSM news for good reason ."

In this regard, a video has emerged showing a space-based weapon starting fires in Chile, as it recently did in Maui and Mexico.

Shortly afterwards, the chairman of the US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee declares that there is a "serious national security threat" that "has something to do with space" .

All I can say is that we hope the space cowboys come soon to shoot down the satellites equipped with KM weapons and round up the bad guys before they launch their fake alien invasion.

Meanwhile, on the planets surface, it looks like the Asian secret societies have made a big move with the sudden death of Angela Chao. Chao was a Chinese shipping oligarch, Harvardian, member of the Council of Foreign (CFR), member of the Board of Governors of the Bank of China, and sister-in-law of Senator Mitch McDonnell.
與此同時,在地表上,看起來亞洲秘密會社在趙安吉突然去世後有了重大動作。趙安吉是中共航運寡頭,哈佛校友,外交關係委員會成員,中國銀行董事會成員,並且是參議員麥康奈爾(Mitch McDonnell)的嫂子。

Recently, a large quantity of cocaine was discovered in one of their ships, an incident that was covered up. She also married a billionaire who died a few months after the wedding. Since she was CFR, this means she was a top agent for the Rockefellers in China. Her sister Elaine has held high-ranking positions in the U.S. government under every president since Ronald Reagan. The death of Angela Chao will obviously have far-reaching consequences.

Asian secret societies say that once everyone returns from the Lunar New Year holiday, which begins late this week and early next, great things will happen in China as the Year of the Dragon begins. They promise a peaceful reunification between Taiwan and China. There may also be a reunification of North and South Korea and a regime change in Japan. There is much we cannot talk about, but we can say that the new Japanese emperor visited Korea and Taiwan as part of these preparations.

What is probably related to all of this is the replacement of Vice Admiral. Fred W. Kacher replaced Vice Admiral Karl O. Thomas as the 54th commander of the American 7th Fleet. Fleet off. This is the largest forward naval force in the world.
可能與這一切有關的是,中將卡撤(Fred W. Kacher)取代了湯姆斯(Karl O. Thomas)中將,成為美第七艦隊的第54任指揮官。這是世上最大的前沿海軍力量。

The traitors to the "rules-based world order" in of the Navy who orchestrated the January 1 earthquake attack on Japan have been removed.

Speaking of traitors:the so-called US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is definitely gone.

Mikhail Popov of the Russian Security Council noted that Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks was on vacation in Puerto Rico when Lloyd Austin was hospitalized, and that U.S. President Joe Biden and his national security adviser Jake Sullivan learned of the situation only a few days later.
俄羅斯安理會的波波夫(Mikhail Popov)指出,當奧斯汀住院時,副國防長希克斯(Kathleen Hicks)正在波多黎各度假,假總統拜登和他的國安顧問沙利文(Jake Sullivan)幾天後才得知這一情況。

"We are not talking about a banana republic, but about a nuclear-armed nation that constantly claims the role of a global hegemon,"Popov emphasized.

Now we have this headline:"Defense Secretary Austin moved to intensive care unit, doctors say."
現在我們有這則標題:「醫生表示,國防長奧斯汀轉移到加護病房。」 jmdt%2FJ5G21huhg% 3D%3D

美防長瞞報住院消息 國會要奧斯汀出席聽證會解釋

"The KM puppet masters have spun the story as far as they could. Now we await the official announcement of his death due to unforeseen complications," comments a source at the Pentagon.

See the attached 3 photos. You decide which is the real Lloyd Austin.


【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-2-19 每週快訊

【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-2-19 每週快訊


【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-2-19 每週快訊


In a nod to the new military alliance between Russia and the United States, the actual commander of the US military, Donald Trump, said he would encourage Russia to deal with NATO members that do not meet their share of defense spending of 2% of GDP , what it wants.
作為對俄美之間新軍事聯盟的一種表示,美軍的實際指揮官川普表示,他將鼓勵俄羅斯處理不符合國防開支佔GDP 2%的北約成員。

Immediately afterwards, Colonel General Sergei Rudskoy, head of the Main Operational Department of the Russian General Staff, said that military personnel from NATO countries were operating air defense systems, multiple rocket launchers and tactical missile systems in Ukraine under the guise of mercenaries.
隨後,俄羅斯總參謀部主要作戰部負責人、上校魯德斯科伊(Sergei Rudskoy)表示,北約成員國的軍事人員在烏以僱傭兵的名義操作防空系統、多管火箭發射器和戰術飛彈系統。

That means Russia has an official casus belli, or pretext, to declare war, while Trump says he wont defend NATO.

The average European would welcome Russian intervention at this point. As Putin notes, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, for example, is hostile not only to Russia, but also to her own country:"It is difficult to imagine that a public servant of her rank would protect the economic interests of her own country and her own people in such a way "Extent neglected."
在這一點上,普通歐洲人將歡迎俄羅斯的介入。正如普丁所指出的,例如德國外交部長安娜蓮娜(Annalena Baerbock)不僅對俄羅斯持敵意,而且對自己的國家也持敵意:「很難想像她這個級別的公務員會如此忽視自己國家和人民的經濟利益。」

The peasant uprising in Europe shows the true feelings of Europeans towards their governments.

No wonder that Klaus Schwab Rothschild, EU Commissioner Ursula von der Leyen and Pfizer boss Albert Bourla met last week in Davos behind closed doors for an emergency meeting for more than three hours.
難怪施瓦布、歐盟委員馮德萊恩(Ursula von der Leyen)和輝瑞老闆布勒(Albert Bourla)上週在達沃斯秘密會議了三個多小時以上。


【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-2-19 每週快訊

They know they are doomed.

A visible sign of this was the recommendation by French prosecutors to bring cement manufacturer Lafarge to trial on terrorist financing charges over its previous activities in Syria.

This is important because it involves criminal prosecution of a Rothschild company for supporting ISIS is. This paves the way for the arrest of actual members of the Rothschild clan.

It is also clear that the Ukrainian Rothschild money laundering operation has been shut down. Your puppets in the so-called US government say:

War in the Middle East? Lets provide funding for Ukraine.

Border crisis? Ukraine is more important.

Russian atomic bombs in space? The solution is to finance Ukraine.

The money wont come. Watch Marjorie Taylor Greene say British Foreign Secretary David Cameron calling for more US aid to Ukraine can "kiss my ass."
錢是不會來了。看瑪喬麗·泰勒·葛林(Marjorie Taylor Greene)說英國外交大臣卡梅倫(David Cameron)呼籲美提供更多對烏克蘭的援助可以「去你的」了。

See also the attached photo of the KM puppet Zelensky. Is he about to run or is he shitting his pants?


【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-2-19 每週快訊

"Its a sign of pure desperation from the KM Deep State. They know the game is over," comments a Pentagon source.

We also saw Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speak the truth about NATO expansion, the military-industrial complex, and the real reason for the war in Ukraine. This is an excellent reveal about who is behind the scenes.

In response, the Biden administration granted Nikki Haley Secret Service protection while continuing to deny RFK Jr. the same protection - despite multiple confirmed threats on his life and repeated requests.

Of course,"Biden"will soon no longer be able to protect anyone because he thrown in front of the bus. Heres another headline from a US government-owned publication claiming Biden stole the 2020 election:
當然,拜登很快將無法保護任何人,因為他被丟下了車。這是美政府持有的出版物的另一則標題,聲稱拜登竊取了2020年的大選: in-2020-facts-matter-5586584?est=AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAausndAYOxtPG6bwup2RRBLs0yEwDm3hyT3JVh8n8e9oFCdohDg%3D%3D&shd=1

This is Bidens response in his first TikTok. Do you think this will convince young voters?

The impotent Bidens 2021 threats are now being used to warn Russia of "devastating" consequences if imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny dies in prison, which has just happened.
無能的拜登在2021年的威脅現在用來警告俄羅斯,如果被囚禁的反對派領袖納瓦爾尼(Alexei Navalny)在監中死亡,將會帶來「毀滅性」的後果,而且剛剛發生了。

"Alexei Navalny was a terrorist. He was caught planning a color revolution with the British MI6 to take over Russia. He was not a political opposition. He was a foreign intelligence agent, a spy. Navalny was the Wests front man "to overthrow Russia from within. This is the exact same playbook the KM Deep State is using to take over Ukraine," a CIA source confirms.

At the link below you can see a covert recording of the head of Navalnys organization, Vladimir Ashurkov, meeting with MI6 agent James William Thomas Ford. He asks for 10-20 million dollars a year to start a color revolution in Russia.
在下面鏈接中,可以看到納瓦爾尼組織的負責人阿舒爾科夫(Vladimir Ashurkov)與軍六特工福特(James William Thomas Ford)的秘密錄音。他要求每年提供1000萬至2000萬美元,以發動一場在俄羅斯的顏色革命。

We asked British intelligence about his death and received the following answer:

"He was in fact executed/murdered by MI6, because he committed high treason against Russia." They also say that he was a German DVD double agent.

While were on the subject of treason, it turns out that the US government is funding its own "invasion" of illegal immigrants at the southern border by providing them hundreds of millions of dollars in cash and aid through the UN .

So the people who forced you to get vaccinated to keep your job paid money to let 17 million unvaccinated and unemployed people into the country.


【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-2-19 每週快訊

Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry has become the latest local official to declare a state of emergency, a sign that things are getting out of hand.
路易斯安那州州長蘭德里(Jeff Landry)已成為最新宣佈進入緊急狀態的地方官員,這表明情況已失控。

路州警力短缺 州長宣布緊急狀態

The situation will also continue to worsen for New York, which is already struggling.

Truckers will refuse to deliver loads in New York City starting Monday to show solidarity with former President Donald Trump following his $350 million fraud verdict.


不滿川普遭罰 卡車司機抵制往紐約送貨

紐約州判詐欺罰款3.5億美元 川普陣營批司法介選將提上訴

New York is of course one of the strongholds of the KM Satanists, and the rest of the country is fed up with their crimes.

The entire planet is now in revolt against the satanic genocide taking place in Gaza. Here is an example of this revolt from the Netherlands at the main train station in The Hague.

In contrast, look at the hate spread by the KM Satanists on Israeli television. "If its on Israeli TV, its not extremism, right? Thats what these satanic Zionists from the KM think. This has to spread," comments a Mossad source.

The people of this planet are also fed up with the KM plundering their resources.

This description of what the IMF is doing to Sri Lanka could be applied to countless other countries. Here the IMF recommends:"Austerity measures for citizens that will shrink the economy… along with a sell-off of strategic national assets to vulture funds like BlackRock, despite claiming that it cares about good governance and democracy.

This follows a series from exogenous shocks in the style of hybrid economic warfare that "make the economy scream," such as the mysterious Islamic State (ISIS) claiming terrorist attacks on tourist hotels, ironically shortly after Lonely Planet named the island the best vacation destination of 2019 listed, followed by another two years of brutal Covid-19 lockdowns and fishing port closures that sent the islands tourism-dependent economy into a tailspin.
這是在一系列外部衝擊的情況下進行的,類似混合經濟戰爭,這些衝擊會「讓經濟苦苦掙扎」,例如神秘的ISIS聲稱對旅館進行恐怖襲擊,諷刺的是,這些襲擊發生在孤獨星球(Lonely Planet)將該島列為2019年最佳度假地之後不久,之後又經歷了兩年的嚴厲新冠封鎖和漁港關閉,導致該島依賴旅遊業的經濟陷入困境。 -hybrid-economic-war-with-neocolonial-debt-bondage-in-the-indian-ocean

We close with this viral post:


【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-2-19 每週快訊

【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-2-19 每週快訊

【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-2-19 每週快訊

Sixty years ago, none of these taxes existed and our country was one of the wealthiest in the world. We had absolutely no national debt, a large middle class, and the mother stayed home to raise the children.

What happened?

The answer:The KM forced Babylonian debt slavery on the people.

It is time to overthrow the self-proclaimed Babylonian god-kings.













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