If someone was to hold up a large black tarp over your head that blocked out the sun, you would sit in darkness knowing the sun was there but with little experience of it.

If a person came along and poked a hole through the tarp, a little ray of light would shine through, and you would have an experience of more light. If another person came along and poked another hole, another ray of light would shine through in another location, giving you a broader experience of light. And if people came, one after the other, all poking holes in the tarp until it was completely tattered, the light would be able to shine through, brightly, flooding everything below with little of the darkness left.

Dear Ones, this is what happens every time a human being lets their light shine! This is what you have all been doing, over and again, and today the light floods your beloved planet, bathing you all in brilliance. You are magnificent.




傳訊:Shelley Young







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