Single words, by themselves, hold a very distinct energy and can, in turn, be used to very simply adjust your own vibration. Just by pausing, saying a word, and feeling its unique energy, you can enjoy the properties of that particular word.

For example, if you are feeling stress, you could simply say with your inner voice, the word"calm", repeating it as many times as you like, and feel that energy wash over you.

So what words/energy would you like to feel today? How about love, joy, acceptance, peace, harmony, ease, prosperity, magic? Just try it and you will be amazed at how quickly you can shift your own energetic state.
那麼今天你想感受到什麼詞彙/能量呢? 愛、歡樂、接納、和平、和諧、安逸、繁榮、奇蹟怎麼樣? 只要試一下,你就會驚訝地發現你可以如此迅速地改變自己的能量狀態。

If you think this through one step further, you will begin to see how important your self-talk really is. Choosing your words really means choosing your energetic state, and that is where all forms of manifestation begin.




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