We have talked extensively about the endless releasing and clearing enlightening human beings have been experiencing as your earth and her inhabitants continue to shift. At each energetic alignment, you are locking in your energetic progress, as you become lighter and lighter, and embody more of your true essence.

But the process is not just about letting go. Dear Ones, what would you like to add to your lives? Perhaps you wish to honour your body with better food and exercise? Perhaps you wish to make meditation, prayer, or gratitude a more consistent practice in your life? Maybe you need to spend more time having fun, or simply enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

You get to choose, as you let go of the density, what you wish to replace it with! It is through this letting go and redefinition process you will be creating the life expressions you wish to have and truly deserve. Now is the time to get clear about what you want and to enjoy the fruits of your labour. You have made so much room in your vessels. Why not fill them with everything joyous and wonderful?



傳訊:Shelley Young








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