The white hat victory in the battle for the planet Earth is now becoming obvious in multiple ways. For example, as Reuters reports:「Talks to draw up a global pact to help fight future pandemics have ended without a draft agreement by the expected deadline…the World Health Organization said on Friday.」

We also now confirmed from Pentagon sources that the millions of military-age male illegal immigrants who came into the US since 2021 were brought in to enforce the planned implementation of the (now failed) Khazarian Mafia WHO pandemic treaty. These men will now be rounded up and sent home.

There are many other signs of KM defeat we will discuss below. The implications of this are far bigger than most people realize. A good metaphor for what is about to happen is the movie 「The Island.」 In this movie, people were living in an underground bunker and were told they were sheltering from a natural disaster. However, lucky people would be allowed to go soon to an 「Island paradise.」 The reality is these people were clones whose purpose was to supply organs to rich clientele. Traveling to 「The Island」 meant organ removal and death. At the end of the movie, the clones were set free to live out their natural lives.
我們將在下文中討論許多其他可薩黑手黨戰敗的跡象。這帶來的影響比大多數人意識到的要大得多。一個好的隱喻可在電影《絕地再生》(The Island)中找到。在電影中,人生活在地下掩體,他們被告知是為了躲避自然災害。然而,幸運者很快就會允許前往「島上天堂」。現實是這些人都是外面世界一些有錢人的複製品,他們的存在是為了給他們的「原型」有錢人提供各種更換用的活體器官。前往「島」意味著器官摘除和死亡。在電影的結尾,複製人被釋放過著他們的自然生活。

The equivalent is about to happen to all of us. We now live short, miserable lives and are literally worked to death far before our natural lifespans. Soon we will all be free, work 20 hours per week or less and live like millionaires for thousands of years.

If it sounds improbable consider the implications of this following news item:

A British girl has had her hearing restored after becoming the first person worldwide to take part in a pioneering new gene therapy trial.


This was accomplished by adding a few genes to the region of her ear. This is just one proof of the fact we have the ability to edit our genes in any way we want. It means we can change the genes that shorten our lifespans. We can also add superpowers such as the radar abilities of a bat or the eyes of an eagle.


【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-5-13 每週快訊

Until now, the controllers of the planet forbade medicine from being used to enhance people. The only thing the medical community is allowed to do is to cure illness. The result was that pharmaceutical companies were given multi-trillion-dollar incentives to create illnesses in order to make money by curing them.

The Rockefellers and other owners of the privately owned non-governmental organization WHO have created cancer, HIV and countless other diseases in order to do just that. Imagine if they could instead make trillions of dollars by enhancing humans.

The old establishment put out all sorts of lame excuses as to why we must prohibit people from enhancing their genes. They are also spurious. For example, they say it would create genetic gaps between the rich and the poor. The answer to that is to make this technology available to anyone who wants it. They say it could cause permanent genetic changes that would be passed on to children. That's a lie because we have the ability to undo these changes if we want. The only legitimate argument they make is that we need to make sure it doesn't have unexpected side effects. This means careful testing is needed.

Also, it will be entirely a question of free choice. For sure, just like the Amish chose to stick with 19th-century technology, many people will choose to continue to live short, genetically un-enhanced lives. That would be their choice and who knows, maybe evolution will prove them right.

However, many of us will want to become virtually immortal super-humans. My own wish is to someday be able to convert my body into something like a dolphin so that I can explore the ocean. When I am finished exploring I can revert to human form. This is literally technically possible now.

The Khazarian Mafia owners of the WHO had very different plans. They wanted us to become genetically unable to resist their rule. Their plans called for the murder of 90% of humanity. All the survivors (except for KM members) would be given digital IDs that would link their access to food and everything else needed for survival to an obedience (social credit) score.

They also had human breeding farms in the Ukraine and elsewhere. Here human females would be kept as sex slaves until disposal at around age 25. They would give birth to infants to be tortured for adrenochrome and used as meat. They would also breed obedient supersoldiers to enforce their rule.

The secret battle for the planet Earth was between these two alternative timelines for the future. One was the release of humanity to evolve as it chooses and thus start off a new Cambrian explosion. The other was the permanent enslavement of humanity at the service of a self-declared Nazi super race.

The Nazis have now been comprehensively defeated. The death of Klaus Schwab Rothschild, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton Rockefeller and others ensured that. There will be more KM dominoes falling soon.With that in mind, let us look at the geopolitical news of the past week because it is a snapshot of the shifting timelines.

The biggest change there came with the ongoing collapse of the Khazarian Mafia states of Israel, Ukraine and the US.This is thanks to the planetary liberation alliance led by Russia, China and the Western military-industrial complex white hats.

Russia's contributions were especially notable last week. In a sign of how free people can decide their own future, Russia just announced its goals for 2030. The 82 targets include 「upholding traditional moral and spiritual values,」 making Russia the fourth largest economy in the world, increasing population, becoming a high-tech super-power, creating a 「comfortable and safe living environment,」 promoting 「environmental welfare, etc」

Sovereign nations like Russia plan their own future. Slave states like the US are forced into wars, not in the national interest that impoverish their own people.

By the way, this is Mikhail Mishustin, Chairman of the Russian Government and real ruler of Russia.
順帶一提,這是俄羅斯政府主席、俄羅斯真正的統治者米舒斯金(Mikhail Mishustin)。


【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-5-13 每週快訊

He is not a dictator but rather the head of a committee that uses Putin as its' PR avatar.

With its plan in motion, Russia has now begun a massive offensive against Ukraine on all fronts. Ukrainian resistance has collapsed and the war there is effectively over, Polish intelligence, CIA and Russian FSB sources agree.


俄軍猛攻哈爾科夫大有斬獲 澤倫斯基稱戰鬥艱難已控制

哈爾科夫邊境告急烏軍撤退 澤倫斯基取消所有出訪行程

The US military has agreed to this. Pentagon sources also tell us that even though the fake Joe Biden signed a bill offering $61 billion in weapons supplies to Ukraine the reality is nothing has been or will be sent.

The Russians note Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky's term ends on May 21 and no election has been called to appoint his successor. 「Zelensky's popularity is in free fall. The population blames him for the war that is dragging on as well as his postponement of the presidential election. Ukrainian politicians are reportedly holding consultations to determine who will be the next president and how to legitimize him,」 reports French journalist Thierry Meyssan.
俄羅斯注意到,澤倫斯基的任期將於5月21日結束,但尚未舉行選舉以任命他的繼任者。法國記者梅森(Thierry Meyssan)報導說:「澤倫斯基的聲望在急速下滑。人人指責他將戰爭拖延以及推遲總統選舉。據報導,烏政客在進行磋商,以確定誰將成為下一任總統,以及如何合法化他。」

戰時無總統選舉 澤連斯基520任期屆滿執政惹議

With the Ukrainian war just about over, the next move will be revenge for the destruction of Yugoslavia, Serbian intelligence sources say. Chinese President  Xi Jinping was in Serbia last week where he said 「China supports the Serbian government in its measures to protect the country's territorial integrity on the Kosovo issue.」

As background, Bill Clinton Rockefeller destroyed Yugoslavia to seize the vast resources of strategic minerals located in Kosovo. To do that, they destroyed Yugoslavia and turned the area around the mines into the criminal rump state of Kosovo. That is now ending.

After the Ukraine and Kosovo, the next domino to fall will be Israel. Last week the UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly in favor of Judean (Palestine) membership:143-9, with 25 abstentions. This prompted the Israeli ambassador to the UN to shred the UN charter with a paper shredder in front of the assembly.

143票贊成、9票反對 聯大壓倒性通過挺巴入聯 美以反對

聯合國大會143票支持巴勒斯坦建國 以色列代表震怒絞碎憲章

This time the US is not going to stop the world from forcing Israel to end its genocidal behavior. The white hat alliance forced US presidential avatar Joe Biden to say 「I've made it clear to Bibi and the war cabinet, they're not going to get our support.」

This prompted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to say Israel was prepared to 「stand-alone」 in its war in Gaza and 「fight with our fingernails.」

「The noose is tightening around Zionist Israel. Avatar Zionist Netanyahu must be getting really nervous or is already in hiding,」 a Mossad source comments. It is likely to be a literal noose for many. Colombian President Gustavo Petro on Friday called for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to issue an arrest warrant for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose government he has described as 「genocidal」 in its war in Gaza.
摩薩德消息來源說:「以色列猶太主義的圈套正在收緊。化身猶太主義者班傑明·納坦雅胡肯定感到非常緊張,或者已經藏起來了。」對許多人來說,這可能是一個字面上的圈套。哥倫比亞總統佩特羅(Gustavo Petro)在上週五呼籲國際刑事法院(ICC)對以色列總理班傑明·納坦雅胡發佈逮捕令,他把納坦雅胡政府在加薩戰爭中描述為「滅絕性的」。

The United Nations Security Council has called for an immediate and independent investigation into reported mass graves containing hundreds of Palestinian dead bodies near hospitals in the Gaza Strip amid the Israeli regime's months-long aggression on the besieged territory.


聯合國:加薩亂葬崗受害者死狀 「高度懷疑」以色列涉戰爭罪

加薩醫院亂葬崗「挖出近300具遺體」 手腳綁住疑遭處決

The Israeli people agree. Riots are taking place in Israel, demanding the resignation of Benjamin Netanyahu.

The fact this headline:「In a 2018 letter, Netanyahu asks Qatar to fund Hamas」 appeared in Israeli news is a sign the KM avatar Benyamin Netanyahu is finished.

One-sided coverage in favor of Israel has also ended on US corporate media. For example in the video below Piers Morgan had Israeli government spokesperson Avi Hyman squirming when he pressed for an answer on how many civilian deaths it was responsible for, despite also having exact figures for Hamas "terrorists' it had killed.
美國腐敗主流媒體對以色列的片面報導也已結束。例如在下面的影片中,摩根(Piers Morgan)追問以色列政府發言人阿維海曼(Avi Hyman)以色列政府對多少平民死亡負有責任的問題時,讓他感到非常侷促不安,儘管他也掌握了哈馬斯殺死「恐怖份子」的確切數字。

Israel has been run by a gang of criminals since 1948, unbeknownst to its population, says Thierry Meyssan. He notes.Israel enables the most extensive money-laundering operations and serves as a haven for some of the world's greatest criminals…An official of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) told me…he witnessed the group of diamond dealers, who had arrived without passing through customs and were being escorted by the military. These men and a few customers exchanged diamonds and cash, then left incognito. This kind of deal could not take place in any other state.

In an example, Jared Kushner has been revealed as supporting plans to redevelop Gaza into the next Dubai including an international airport and a duty-free zone as soon as they finish genociding the Judeans (Palestinians). Jared Kushner is now a high-priority target He is a dead man walking.
在一個例子中,庫許納(Jared Kushner)被揭露支持將加薩重新開發成為下一個杜拜,包括國際機場和免稅區,一旦他們完成對猶太裔(巴勒斯坦人)的滅絕。庫許納現在是高優先級的目標。他已是個行走的死人。

The reality is the attacks on Gaza have been stopped. 「The Israeli Palestine conflict is now a nothing burger. It is at a standstill. Thanks to Iran and Russia. All the alleged attacks on the fridges of Rafah are CGI and old videos,」 a Mossad source says.

Of course, many KM slaves of Israel will go down with the Satanic ship. In the video below you can watch KM Secretary of State Anthony Blinken tell Mitt Romney that Israel's PR is failing because social media allows people a direct look at what's happening and it lands with emotional resonance.
Romney then says yes, that's why we moved to ban TikTok!
當然,許多以色列的可薩奴隸將隨著邪惡的破船一同沉沒。在影片中,可看到可薩國務卿布林肯告訴羅姆尼(Mitt Romney),以色列的公關失敗了,因為社群媒體讓人可以直接看到正在發生的事,並且引起情感共鳴。羅姆尼隨後表示,是的,這就是我們決定禁止TikTok的原因!

The reality is that the US corporation will collapse along with Israel. The white hats are taking over.Pentagon sources say the US really could really be under a continuity of government with CIC Trump in charge. Pascal Najadi has released video footage of the military landing at Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo), of Hillary Clinton being arrested and executed and of martial law in the US.
現實是,美國企業將與以色列一同崩潰。白帽子正接管中。五角大樓消息來源表示,美確實可能正實施政府連續性,由川普指揮。納亞迪(Pascal Najadi)已公開關塔那摩灣(Gitmo)軍事登陸的影片,希拉蕊被捕和處決以及美實施戒嚴的影片。

The news video is old but why would Najadi put it out now?This has been totally erased from the MSM. 「These appear to be on ABC News with George Stephanopoulos and Fox News. Wild for sure,」 a CIA source comments.
這段新聞影片很舊了,但納亞迪為什麼現在才公開?因為這已經完全被主流媒體抹去。中情局評論說:「這些看起來是在《ABC》新聞與斯蒂芬諾普洛斯(George Stephanopoulos)和福斯新聞中播放的。肯定瘋狂。」

Of course, the battle is still raging. As soon as this video was rereleased, a fake masked Hillary Clinton was trotted out to say 2024 might be the last election ever. 「This is a wild interview on CNBC's Morning Joe. You can see the line of her mask on her neck. Very obvious,」 a Pentagon source comments.

Our own sources say the Hillary stuff is being put out again in preparation for an official public announcement of her death. In a sign they may be preparing for this, many sources sent us old incriminating material about Hillary. For example, this video shows how guilty Hillary Clinton was as US Secretary of State, under President Barack Obama.

The KM also trotted out former US Joint Chief of Staff Traitor Mark Milley to say the US killed a great number of innocent people so it has no right to slam Israel for its actions in Gaza.  「Look at Milley, this is not the real one. This is an avatar/ double. As we know, the real Mark Milley is in GITMO,」 a Pentagon source comments.
可薩黑手黨還叫來了前美聯合參謀總長馬克米利(Mark Milley),聲稱美殺死了大量無辜人民,因此無權譴責以色列在加薩的行動。五角大樓消息來源說:「看看米利,這不是真貨,是化身/替身。據我們所知,真正的馬克米利已關進了關塔那摩灣。」

There are other signs something is changing in the US. For example Judge Cannon has indefinitely postponed Donald Trump's classified documents trial in Florida. Maybe he realized he was being duped into staging a fake political reality TV show.
還有其他跡象表明美正發生的變化。例如,法官卡農(Judge Cannon)無限期推遲川普於佛州的機密文件審判。也許他意識到了自己被騙入演出假政治實境節目。

Then we saw this item appear via the State Department-run Epoch Times. Trump Allegedly Has Secret Plans to Federalize the Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve may soon be federalized—if an alleged plan by former President Donald Trump and his allies turns out to be true. Allegations are rife that a secret 10-page document has been circulating among a small group in President Trump's team, and that it outlines changes to the Federal Reserve that could significantly alter financial policy in the United States.

It may be too late. Nebraska has joined dozens of US states designating gold and silver as money and passing laws saying 「money does not include central bank digital currency.」

Also, nationalizing the FRB would not alter the fact the US is bankrupt vis a vis the rest of the world.

International Monetary Fund Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva warns servicing the U.S debt — now roughly $34 trillion — consumes more than 17% of federal revenue, compared to under 7% in 2015. 「It cannot go like this forever, because the … burden on the U.S. is going to cripple spending that is necessary to make for servicing the debt,」 Georgieva said. 「There is an opportunity cost to this money … it doesn't go to emerging markets where it can finance jobs and business opportunities for American companies.」
國際貨幣基金組織總裁喬治耶娃(Kristalina Georgieva)警告稱,服務美債務(現在約為34兆美元)佔聯邦收入的比例已超過17%,而2015年則不到7%。她說:「這種情況無法永遠持續下去,因為對美的負擔將使必要的支出無法負擔債務服務。這筆錢也有機會成本…它不會用於支持新興市場,而這能為美公司提供就業和商機。」

In a sign of how all this debt is being wasted, in November 2021 「Biden」 allocated $7.5 billion for EV charging, Today, there's seven chargers with a total of just 38 parking spots.

This headline is another example of a completely wasteful and dysfunctional government:

「Chicago Mayor Wants $1 Billion More For Schools Even Though 43% Of Teachers Are Chronically Absent.」

The trillions spent on the medical industry also went almost entirely to pharmacidical companies and middlemen and not doctors. A survey conducted by AMN Healthcare in 2022 of 15 large metro markets revealed the average time to see a physician was 26 days. Almost 50 percent of doctors report that they feel burned out, according to a 2024 Medscape report
用於醫療行業的數以兆計的資金幾乎全部都流向大藥廠和中間商,而不是醫生。2022年《AMN Healthcare》對15個大都市進行的一項市場調查顯示,看醫生的平均等待時間為26天。根據2024年的《Medscape》報告,幾乎有50%的醫生報告稱感到精疲力竭。

Here in Japan, the waiting time is often zero minutes.

A lot of the trillions of Biden debt money ended up in the hands of the usual suspects like BlackRock and Vanguard who have been using it to buy up private homes all over the US. In the video below you can see new homes only available for rent in Las Vegas, Nevada

It is a sign the KM wants to eliminate home ownership and turn everyone into 「own nothing and be happy」 debt slaves.

The video below is an example of how HM has hidden its plans using prediction programs under the label of "conspiracy theory". The script was shown in a comedy show. They knew they could show it and no one would believe it. You can hear the laughter coming from the tin that is added to the show.

But the fact is that the rest of the world has woken up and is no longer funding this corruption and madness. The entire rotten structure is collapsing before our eyes.

Even the Europeans gave up on Rockefeller and HM. One sign of this is that the IMF is warning against US attempts to seize Russian assets, most of which are in Europe.

Europe, of course, has its problems.

In November 2023, members of the European Parliament voted to break up nations, erase borders, abolish property, nationalize industry and… replace democracy with the dictatorship of a European party, warns Jerzy Kwasniewski, president of the Polish Institute for Legal Culture Ordo Iuris.
去年11月,歐洲議會成員投票決定分裂國家、消除邊界、廢除財產、國有化工業,並且…波蘭法律文化學院《Ordo Iuris》總裁克瓦什涅夫斯基(Jerzy Kwasniewski)警告說,要用歐洲政黨的獨裁來取代民主。

Last week in Belgium at a conference (NatCon) organized by European conservative circles, there was serious opposition. When Nigel Farage, the architect of the Brexit movement, took to the stage, the police suddenly burst in and announced the immediate closure of the event.
上週在比利時,由歐洲保守圈子組織的會議(NatCon)上,出現了嚴重的反對聲音。當脫歐運動的建築師法拉奇(Nigel Farage)上台發言時,警察突然闖入並宣佈立即關閉活動。

The organizers of the event took legal action and had the Belgian administrative court order an end to the police blockade the following morning. It turned out that the police operation was carried out on the orders of Emir Cyrus, the mayor of this Brussels district, who claimed that the conference was attended by figures from the "conservative religious right". He added that the vision of the organizers "is not only conservative, but also rejects the legalization of abortion, same-sex relationships, etc., and also supports national sovereignty."
活動的組織者採取了法律行動,並讓比利時行政法院在第二天上午下令結束於警察的封鎖。結果證明,警方行動是在此布魯塞爾區域的市長賽勒斯(Emir Cyrus)的命令下進行的,他聲稱這次會議有「保守宗教右派」的人士參與。他補充說,組織者的願景「不僅是保守的,而且還反墮胎合法化、同性關係等,並且還支持國家主權。"

One of the leading Eurofascists, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, told reporters Monday after a tripartite meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron and Chinese President Xi Jinping."The world cannot absorb Chinas manufacturing surpluses."

The truth is that China has a better system, and that unless the West redesigns its own system, it will only be a matter of time before we all work for the Chinese.

But before that happens, resistance against HM still needs to be strengthened. For example, here you can see Alex Soros plotting against Trump with Cindy McCain.
但在這之前,對抗可薩黑手黨的抵抗仍需加強。例如,可在這裏看到索羅斯與欣迪(Cindy McCain)密謀反川普。


【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-5-13 每週快訊

John McCain, executed for treason, has a daughter who follows in his footsteps.
麥凱恩(John McCain)因叛國罪而被處決,他女兒也跟隨其父腳步。

Alex Soros, through the Soros Foundation, pays protesters to burn the American flag.

As this example from Pennsylvania State University shows, youre also paying for the ongoing unrest on campuses across the US. These are not students. These are professional activists paid by Alex Soros and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Then you can have the Democrats in Massachusetts tell you that ILLEGALS take priority over our VETERANS.

In addition, to facilitate the disappearance and abduction of minor children, the Biden administration is pushing to end special judicial supervision of migrant children.

Further proof of HMs desperate power struggle came at the last minute from Canadas Justin Castrudo. He is trying to push through an "internet harms bill" which, among other things, provides the following:

Life in prison for free speech

Pretrial detention

Ex post facto law

Anonymous accusers, etc.

Castrudo also tried to tax people fleeing his tyranny.

However, do not count on the help of the fake opposition leader Pierre Pouliver. In 2020, his wife was the CEO of SWITCH HEALTH, a leading supplier of Covid testing kits for air travel.
然而,別指望假反對派領袖普利文(Pierre Pouliver)的幫助。在2020年,他妻子擔任《SWITCH HEALTH》的CEO,這是一家供應航空旅行新冠檢測套件的領先公司。

Furthermore, the desperate and cornered Satanists of HM are still planning a global pandemic as a precaution to avoid arrest as war criminals.

Here you can see former CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield explaining that the main threat from H5N1 bird flu comes from American labs.
在這裏可看到前CDC主任雷德菲爾德(Robert Redfield)解釋,H5N1禽流感的主要威脅來自美實驗室。

"In the lab, I can make it highly contagious to humans within a few months…thats the real threat. .. I believe bird flu will cause a major pandemic."

At the same time, they try to blame China.

"The following letters from Congress are part of HMs attempt to blame China for Covid. We know it was originally from Ukraine and then may have been sent to Wuhan and "leaked" from there. This entire scam was an HM plan developed several decades ago. This is a continuation of the circus performance about the sheepmen. The audience gets smaller and smaller the more you wake up to reality," says a CIA doctor.


【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-5-13 每週快訊

【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-5-13 每週快訊

These are just signs that HM is going crazy due to the ongoing backlash to the vaccine mass murder attempt.

Pharmaceutical companies are in full retreat on this front.

For example, AstraZeneca has just withdrawn its Covid-vaccine Vaxzevria "for commercial reasons".



才爆血栓爭議!阿斯特捷利康回收全球COVID-19疫苗 要求歐洲「撤銷授權」

Pfizer has since agreed to settle more than 10,000 lawsuits linking Zantac to cancer.




If Pfizer admits that Zantac causes cancer, do you seriously believe that they didnt give the world cancer with their "Covid-vaccine"?

If you didnt know, then why did you offer other vaccines or placebos to your employees?

The Australian government has already paid out millions of dollars in compensation for vaccine damages following the COVID-19 pandemic… this includes vaccines approved by the Food and Drug Administration (TGA), including COVID-19 vaccines from AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna and Novavax.



澳洲擴大疫苗副作用賠償範圍 可讓更多人索賠

【新冠疫苗索賠計劃】打針後有嚴重副作用 下週起可申請賠償

However, paying punitive damages is too little, too late. For these people, war crimes tribunals are inevitable.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world is moving towards a new era of peace. Negotiations for the creation of a multipolar world federation of independent states are in full swing.

A new UN headquarters in Laos is being prepared. Efforts to commit hundreds of trillions of dollars to usher in the new era are also progressing smoothly. But dont expect anything until the summer, say sources close to the White Caps management.

The great question is what will open before us after the establishment of world peace.

We are still waiting for the anti-gravity technology, the medical bed, etc. to become available to the general public.

Even more startling news is possible. A sign that reality itself may be changing:Did you know that dozens of new types of clouds have recently been discovered?I wonder what they call perfectly square, thin, rectangular clouds?


【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-5-13 每週快訊

We also note that the Vatican is preparing for publication a document containing guidelines for the recognition of supernatural phenomena.

"We are really talking about preparing for an alien visit to Earth. It is scheduled for mid-July or August, and thousands of people will witness it," said a secret source in the space program.

Is this a Project Blue Ray event, or a future Beyond Blue Ray event?Well see soon.














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