Doubt is a very effective tool the ego self uses in its attempt to keep things the same. Doubt is successful in avoiding growth because it leads to procrastination,and then stagnation.

Dear Ones,your ego is far from the enemy. It is an essential part of the operating system of the human being. What it is looking for is your love and reassurance. So if you are finding yourself procrastinating on doing things you wish to experience,realize your ego fears it will cease to matter if you move forward in this direction.

To move beyond procrastination,we would suggest reassuring your ego self that you will love and need it no matter what. You might ask it how it might participate in your new adventure by giving it a job,like keeping you safe in the activity. Find a way to include your ego in a way that allows it to feel nurtured and important. Or,if all else fails,placate it by allowing it to procrastinate on procrastinating! (laughter)

We encourage you to simply use your ego as a growth detector. If it is rearing up,it is a sure sign that you are headed in a direction that holds lots of growth and expansion. It would not be threatened if it were not so.

A wise human being is one who does not try to eradicate the ego,but rather,finds ways to give it jobs that garners its cooperation and allows it to become part of your team as you plan your next great adventure. Remember,in order to move forward into unity consciousness,you must stop trying to deny or separate aspects of yourself,but rather include,honour and love all parts of yourself unconditionally. ~Archangel Gabriel




翻譯:Nick Chan





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