Many people think their innocence can be taken from them.Dear Ones,this is simply not true,as your innocence is part of who you are.What may happen,if you have been hurt by another,is your innocent and trusting nature may retreat,deep within yourself,in its desire to stay safe.

When you assume the role of loving,nurturing parent for yourself,and through that self love create a safe environment,your innocence will be able to come to the forefront once again.Getting back in touch with your innocence is a wonderful indicator that healing has occurred!

Your innocence is the part of you that sees the wonder that exists all around you.It is your innocence that is dazzled by the magic of your existence,that plays and creates,that is fully present,that experiences joy in the most simple things.Do you see? Those are all the aspects of enlightenment! Create an environment that is safe and nurturing for yourself and allow your innocence to shine through once again,and your life will be full of the beauty and joy you"ve been missing.~Archangel Gabriel


翻譯:Nick Chan





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