You are meeting your secret sides in your relationship with yourself.The reason for this is your new viewpoints and cleared vision,while you are stripping away from the old.You are going through emotions that are both very distant and familiar to you.What is most important right now is your connection with yourself.Whatever is emerging,walk towards your depth,without ignoring it.May be there are sentences that are stuck there,anger that is sitting at the pit of your stomach,hands that have torn your heart apart; now is just the time to free those sentences,to release that anger,to move those hands away.

Understanding why all this caused such heaviness,walk; adding action to your understanding.Whatever there is you feel tired and powerless about,you are so close to gaining your strength completely.Look at your relationship with yourself.What is reflected from your eyes,what is pouring out of your mouth,what and to whom is your body attracted to.Your own reality that you look at,expanding,gaining your strength,becoming courageous will move you forward to the most harmonious times in all your relationships.You will establish new togethernesses freely.Transform from among the changes gaining your strength,listening to what comes from your heart.

Love and Light

ArchAngel Chamuel


通靈:Gulcin Onel(Mavinin Sesi)
翻譯:Nick Chan





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