A meeting last week between a representative of the Chinese Communist Government and of the White Dragon Family ended badly after the Chinese stated their goal was to take over control of the planet.They were told the Chinese account for at most a fifth of the world"s population so the best they could hope for was one fifth if world power.

The meeting took place April 4th,2015 a day of great occult significance.As widely reported,on that day there was a blood moon lunar eclipse that coincided with the Jewish Pass Over holy day and the Christian Easter day of rebirth.This is all seen as a good omen for the West.For the Chinese,however,the fourth day of the fourth month means double death and is highly inauspicious.

The Chinese representative was also unable or unwilling to visit the shrine to the Dragon God King of the White Waterfall(白瀧龍王神)where the meeting was supposed to take place.He seemed scared of it so,the meeting took place about 200 yards away from the shrine.This seems symbolic of how the Chinese push for world dominance fell short of its goal.

For sure,the Chinese have been on a roll and their big push in February and March of this year produced big results.The most significant was the agreement by major European powers and US allies to join China"s proposed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank,despite US opposition.What some Chinese failed to understand is that supporting a Chinese infrastructure initiative is not the same as voting to become Chinese serfs.

China has become the world"s biggest economy and has made huge accomplishments in the past decades.They have lifted a record number of people out of poverty,poured an awful lot of cement,built great infrastructure around the world and produced vast quantities of cheap but high quality knickknacks.

The West,by contrast,has seen its economic base badly damaged because the highest levels of its government institutions were taken over by vicious and incompetent gangsters.The West also does feel a bit down-trodden by the recent shift in economic and industrial power to the East.

However,the gangsters are now being systematically purged from governmental control and as result,the West is about to experience a renaissance that will by far outdo the original.

Furthermore,a little bit of perspective is needed here to explain why the West cannot be written off.Let us talk about science and technology for example.We all know the Chinese invented gun-powder,the printing press and paper etc.but can you think of any world changing Chinese invention within the past 600 years?

Did they invent the steam engine? The industrial revolution? Automobiles? Airplanes? Radios? Television? Computers? Semiconductors? The internet? Even the LED lights they are now mass producing were invented by the Japanese.We hope soon to be awestruck by new Chinese inventions but they ain't here yet.

Another thing the Chinese need to keep in mind before they start talking about world domination is how much they owe the West.The West provided them with technical knowledge,education,financial assistance and more to modernize their economy.They did this not just out of the profit motive but out of a sincere desire to see China modernize and become prosperous.

The West,for its part,needs to be eternally grateful to China for its help in purging our leadership of Khazarain(Hyksos)Satanists.The West also needs to be grateful for all the financial assistance the Chinese have provided.

Both East and West now need to look back at when the Chinese secret societies made a deal with the White Dragon Society and its allies to join the fight against the Satanists.The Chinese said they wanted to once again be the center of the world and were told this would happen only on the condition that they ended poverty and stopped environmental destruction.

The Chinese have done a lot against poverty,especially in China,but they are some of the world"s worst polluters and have a hideous environmental record.There is also a lot of poverty that still needs to be dealt with.The West can take pride in its efforts to stop environmental destruction but,they certainly take a back seat to the Chinese when it comes fighting poverty.

That is why East and West need to stop thinking in terms of who is in charge and instead form a 50/50 win/win relationship for the sake of the planet as a whole.This is what the proposed world federation is supposed to accomplish.

On that front,despite the Chinese over-reach,progress continues to be made towards reaching a final deal.

The Pentagon has proposed dividing the world into 9 regions instead of 7 because South America and Russia respectively want independence from North America and Europe.This is an issue that is open to debate and can be settled once the more crucial financial architecture is worked out.

On that front,US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter is visiting Japan,South Korea and Sinpapore this week.The US also deployed warplanes in Taiwan to coincide with this visit.The idea is to remind the Chinese that if it ever came to war the US still has an overwhelming military advantage.For example,the Americans have energy weapons that would allow them to hit China with micro-waves thus causing every head in China to burst like an egg would in a microwave oven.

They also have the technology to neutralize Chinese nuclear weapons.Of course this technology would never be used but merely serves as a reminder the US military industrial complex is proposing an alliance with China,not subservience to China.

It is also worth noting the US military is clearly aligning itself with the Iranians as their preferred partner in the Middle East.During the negotiations on Iran"s nuclear program,the Pentagon released detailed intelligence about Israel"s nuclear program.The message was clear,the Pentagon views Israel and not Iran as the real rogue nuclear threat in the Middle East.

US Senator Robert Menendez,until recently head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee,was indicted on charges of accepting bribes because he was a key member of the Khazarian faction that wanted to start World War 3,according to Pentagon sources.Visible actions like this make the ongoing purge of the Khazarians impossible to deny.

There is a lot less visible stuff also going on.For example,there was a mysterious attack on a Rockefeller facility last week.At the link below you can see a Rockefeller General Electric plant burning after what could only have been some sort of military attack.

Also last week Turkey experienced a nation-wide power outage that was clearly part of the ongoing covert war against the last Khazarian strongholds.It is not clear though which side attacked which in that event though.

Otherwise,the proxy war between the Iran/Pentagon alliance and the Saudi/Israeli faction cooled down somewhat last week.That was because representatives of both the Saudi faction and the Iranians contacted the White Dragon Society and were told the long Sunni/Shia divide had to be ended once and for all.Doing so would release vast funds for both sides,they were told.The Saudis were also told they had to remove the misogynist and other globally unacceptable elements of the Wahhabi doctrine if they wished for their regime to survive.

In Europe meanwhile,the thing to watch for this week is the April 9th IMF payment date the Greeks are expected to miss.If they miss it and go back to the Drachma then the European financial house of cards will suffer a fatal blow as Italy follows Greece.The only people who have the money to help the Greeks pay their bills are the Chinese.That is one of the main reasons why the British,Germans,French,Italians etc.agreed to join the Chinese led AIIB.

The Chinese though,as noted above,are not the real solution either.For that reason,they will probably kick the Greek can down the road yet again as they wait for a final settlement of the financial war.That will depend on the Chinese and Japanese agreeing to a compromise on who will control the proposed economic planning agency.

That is because the Pentagon,the Swiss,the Vatican,the British etc.have already agreed to create such an agency and it is only the Chinese/Japanese split now standing in the way.The WDS is doing its bit to help by removing Khazarians from power in Japan to make sure a genuine Japanese voice speaks for Japan.That would open the door to compromise.

The WDS also suggests selecting somebody from Singapore as the first head of the agency.That is because of Singapore"s successful planned transition from being one of the poorest backwaters on earth to being one of the richest nations on earth in a very short time.

The solution to the financial crisis and the beginning of a new age also await the arrival of certain promised documents.


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