The energies of shame, blame and punishment have been used in your society to try to correct behaviour that was deemed unacceptable. But you see, if someone has exhibited a behaviour that was less than their highest expression of self, it is already an indicator that the person was out of alignment. Steeping them in more low vibrating energy will not ever end up in a desirable result, in fact, it will just move them even further from their own expression of divinity and perpetuate their pain and separation.

It is through alignment that people are able to express themselves in their truth. Inclusion is the way to remind people of the Source they are always a part of. Unconditional love, unity and acceptance are ways to uplift others, and encourage the healing they seek. Using the old energies of punishment, blame, shame, guilt and anger to control another will only deepen the disconnection that has caused the issue in the first place.

Do you see? As your society continues to evolve it is time to stop re-wounding the already wounded. It is time to compassionately hold the space and create the conditions for people to find their way back to themselves and their own divine nature. ~Archangel Gabriel



翻譯:Nick Chan





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