Dear Ones,let us assure you that there is not one wound within you that you cannot heal yourself.Let us explain what we mean by that.

Many of you have experienced hurts from others.These hurts occur from being neglected,abused,mistreated,or abandoned by another.Often these hurts have occurred in childhood and they become part of your story.From being part of your story,they become an part of the energy that you hold.

Generally,when you have a wound that requires healing,you think one of two things.You believe that there is no undoing it since it happened so long ago,or,that it is dependant upon the person who inflicted the hurt to heal it.Both of these beliefs create a blockage to your healing.

What if we told you,you could create the healing you have been yearning for all along for yourselves? You have the complete ability to send your loving,compassionate self back to the point of the hurt and give yourself every single thing you deserved but didn't get.Go step in and protect yourselves in that memory.Go gather yourself up in your arms and snuggle and love yourself with the most wonderful,nurturing care.Reassure your wounded self.Encourage your wounded self.Give your wounded self the care and respect it always deserved.Help your wounded self know that it has every single thing it could ever need,right now,to heal and thrive.Fill that part of you with the healing balm of endless and unconditional love.

When you make the discovery that you have every single thing you could ever require to love,heal,and keep yourself safe,you will finally,finally,empower yourself to move beyond those old stories and create the conditions to thrive and shine.~Archangel Gabriel



翻譯:Nick Chan






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