We invite you to think of someone you have cared for who you have loved deeply.It may be a child,a senior,a dear friend,a partner,or even an animal.Your greatest concern,when you demonstrate love through care taking is creating a space of safety where your beloved has everything they need to thrive.

We would say to you that this is the foundation you seek for yourself as you start to explore moving into self love.Having a safe environment is paramount.You simply cannot thrive and be traumatized at the same time.You first must make sacred space where you can be wide open without fear.Second,you must give yourself everything you need to be able to move into your greatest expression of self.This means supporting yourself in freedom,expansion,joy,creativity,experience,growth and self expression.

We ask you to take a moment and explore whether you offer those basic necessities for yourself.If not,what can you do today to start to offer yourself the same tender,loving care you so freely give those you love? It is time,Dear Ones,to share the delight of your love with yourselves.It is far too special for you to miss out on.~Archangel Gabriel




翻譯:Nick Chan







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