Dear Ones, we wish for you to understand that just because there may be energetic influences going on around you that others find difficult, it doesn't necessarily mean that you will be experiencing it the same way.You are all unique beings with your own different individual energetic stamps.It is good to educate yourself so you understand that a time that could be energetically challenging for some is coming up, so if you do feel not like yourself you know there is a good reason for it.


By knowing what is going on, you are far less likely to be resistant and hard on yourself and will simply give yourself whatever you know you intuitively need.There are many human beings who are sharing this energetic and astrological information as their service to humanity.We recommend you find a source that resonates with you that you can refer to as required.Think of it as an energetic weather report, to help you be aware of potentials.

By far, the greatest way to move through any challenge is one Now moment at a time, with a focus on surrender, flow, and ease.It is also important to remember that times of intensity pass and will be forgotten as soon you are on to your next energetic adventure.These are the very times you have come onto the planet to experience, and you have everything you need to both navigate them and harness the wonderful growth, evolution, expansion, and assistance that comes from it all.~Archangel Gabriel


翻譯:Nick Chan






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