There will be times when you will be "invited" to jump into the fray and participate in the drama going on around you.It can be very tempting to respond with a knee jerk reaction toward anger or disgust being thrown at you.Again,this is where your free will and choice come into play.Do you participate or do you "sit it out" ?
有時候你會被 "引誘" 而陷入衝突,加入你周圍正在發生的戲劇性事件當中。對於衝著你而來的憤怒或憎恨,做出反射式的攻擊是每個人都難以抗拒的(慣性反應)。再一次,這是你的自由意志與選擇發揮作用的地方了。你要參與演出還是"坐著看它結束" ?

In those tense moments; breathe,take a step back and ask yourself if it is something in which you truly wish to engage.Would you be responding with judgement? Would you be forcing your views on another? Would your participation help clear the air or make it murkier? Take some time and listen to your heart…the truest and most equitable solution will always be there.~Creator





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