As you move through your day,it is best to err on the side of kindness and compassion.Yes,there are those out there that may very well"push your buttons"and make you angry but,before you react,please stop and think.Are they saying something they truly mean? Do their actions"offend"you simply because they are another breathing being or is it a reflection of something you dislike in yourself ? Does their attitude make you uncomfortable or it is just the energy of the day?
在日常生活中,最重要的就是善良與慈悲。是的,有些人可能正巧 "踩到你的地雷",惹你生氣,但是,在反應之前,請停下來,想一想。他們說的真的是那個意思嗎?你感覺被"冒犯"僅僅是因為他們與你不同,還是那只是你不喜歡自己某些部分的一種投射?是他們的態度讓你不舒服,還是當天的能量影響了你?

Remember; everyone has a history and a past that you may never understand.Instead of reacting to a situation,take a step back,breathe and give them the benefit of the doubt.This will give you the time to realize that you may never know who they are and what they have been through.Today,be the person you wish to encounter.~ Creator




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