Many of you understand the importance of balance, but think it is one static place you must find.But balance is not one unmovable alignment.True balance comes from movement and flow.

Think of being on a bicycle.It is very difficult to balance on a bicycle if you are not moving.But as soon as there is movement, your balance comes back very quickly.

Dear Ones, the energies are always moving, as will your balance point.That is the beauty of working with surrender and flow –it will always lead you to the find exactly what is required for your balance and forward movement.

It is the ebb and flow of the universe that creates an overall balance.If you stop and listen to your body and surrender to its own divine intelligence, it will let you know exactly what you require and how to get there.

Knowing your balance point might change every day depending on what your own unique needs are and what the energies are supporting will help you start to see the flow as what it really is, a tool that supports you in your wellness and comfort.~Archangel Gabriel






Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
翻譯:Nick Chan














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