There are differing schools of thought about manifestation.One says that you attract to you what you hold, with the idea being there is nothing you need to do but allow the vibrational match to come to you.The other says you must take action in order to move into what you wish to experience.We understand how this can cause some confusion and we wish to address this today.

So which one is true? Both of them can be true depending upon the specific circumstance. Sometimes the most direct way for the universe to deliver to you is for you to just stay where you are.Other times, it is easier and more direct for you to move into alignment with what it is you wish to create by taking action.How do you know which method to use? You don't have to know.All you must do is surrender.

If you are surrendered into your creation and follow what the energy is supporting at any given time, you will be a non-resistant human being and very easy to help.If you are meant to simply allow your manifestation to find its way to you, you may find yourself in a lull, where it appears not much is happening.That means that things are coming together behind the scenes and you are easiest to serve by not moving at all.Other times the energy will flow you into the exactly where you need to be to connect with what you wish to experience and movement is the easiest way to create that intersection for you.

What we are trying to impress upon you is that the universe and your soul always know the most direct way to do things.Trust.Surrender.Follow the flow of energy and whatever it is supporting and accept that even when there is no perceived movement much progress is still happening.Your surrender, faith, flow, and trust takes all the guess work out of things and keeps you in a state of cooperation, always, with your desired creations and experiences.~Archangel Gabriel






Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
翻譯:Nick Chan











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