And now, by your reckoning, you enter the mindspace of April.That is all it is, you know, mindspace. You are using a concept of passing time to explain something you do not yet understand. This is an error, but it is not the error we wish to discuss today.

If you will allow us, we will revisit some things that we have explained in the past, point out their relevance, and get a bit pointed in our recommendations.

In spite of the urging of many of our communications through this channel and others, you attached dates –imaginary markers in mindspace, remember? –to the expectation of happenings that we informed you were in your near future in a perceivable set of probabilities.

When you do this, many go into a heightened state of anticipation that something is approaching that will at last solve all of their problems.And therein lies what you call ‘the rub'. The collective field is still influenced by enough"at last I'll be saved"to overwhelm the growing"we've got this. Let's change it!"
當你這麼做的時候,很多人會進入一種高度期待的狀態,期盼著最終會解決他們所有問題的東西的到來。這就是你們稱為的"磨損處"(the rub)。集體領域依舊受到太多的"終於我要得救了"思維的影響,淹蓋了"我們行的,讓我們來改變它!"的發展。(註:意指許多人只是坐著空等待奇蹟發生而不想自己主動做出改變)

Now, this does not change anything.It does somewhat reduce the ‘magnetism'of your rising frequencies.

We recommend that as much of the disappointment, resignation, and depression as possible be quickly replaced by as much intention, determination, and anticipation as you can muster.All of these positive attitudes raise your frequencies and the frequencies of the collective. As we have stated many times before this, you cannot raise your own vibrations without raising the whole. Of course this works in reverse, as well.Which is why the anticipation of failure served to defuse somewhat what is, in fact, inevitable. Let's reinforce that –inevitable!

We also want to ask you, once again, to stop pinning your personal hopes of something happening to improve your lot upon any coming events.This turns those events into Easter Bunnies and Santa Clauses. You are the ones that are doing this. And we mean you, the collective. Please drop those hopes of being saved and roll up your spiritual sleeves and join in the efforts. Make yourselves into ones whose vibrations create that which you imagine.

This is said over and over again."Be the change you wish to see in the world."Listen to your Michael Jackson sing Man in the Mirror. Your world is only a reflection of yourselves. So make your job that of being the hundredth monkey. Perhaps today there is only one more monkey needed. Be that monkey! If you don't have time to meditate, to pray, to create intentions, smile a lot. Laugh a little. Help someone out just a bit. Care.
這是被一再重複提醒的:"成為你希望在世界上看到的改變。"聽一聽麥可傑克遜唱的《Man in the Mirror》。你的世界只是你的一個反射。所以確保你履行了一百隻猴子的工作。也許今天只需添加一隻猴子。成為那隻猴子!如果你沒時間去冥想、祈禱,去創造意圖,那麼去微笑。大笑。幫助別人。關心別人。

Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror(中英歌詞)



Lastly, you can slow it down. You can speed it up.But, it IS coming. And you are bringing it.







通靈:Ron Head
翻譯:Nick Chan














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