We have a new feature on the Trinity Esoterics facebook page called"Ask Gabriel". This is where you can request Gabriel's wisdom on certain topics. (We can't comment on your personal situations in this format, but are happy to speak on any theme you would like a greater understanding of. For Gabriel's input on your personal issues, a private session is best.) Every Sunday we will be answering one of the questions submitted to the page. Feel free to head on over and submit your question! The very first Ask Gabriel question we will answer is:
在《Trinity Esoterics》的facebook頁面上我們添加了一個新的版塊,叫做"請問加百利(Ask Gabriel)"。你可以在那裡就特定的主題請求加百利的智慧。(我們不會在這樣的格式中評論你個人的情況,但很樂意就你想要深入了解的任何主題發表看法。對於加百利關於你個人問題的意見,私人的會話是最好的)。每個星期天我們會在該頁面回答其中一個問題。請隨意提交你的問題!Ask Gabriel的第一個問題是:

Ask Gabriel


Q:What is the best way to bring oneself into alignment with what is desirable and release self-limiting patterns of thoughts and behaviours?

A:The best way, by far, to bring yourself into alignment with what is desirable and release self-limiting patterns of thoughts and behaviours is to surrender into the flow with faith and trust with broad intention. We will explain why this is such a powerful act.

hen you surrender with a broad intention, such as surrendering into your highest life expression, or your greatest service, for example, you will allow your highest self to take the lead. This will take you right up to, and if you don't panic, above and over any challenges or blockages that may stand in your way. It will lead you to new potentials you could not be aware of from your vantage point. If you stay in surrender and flow with faith and trust, anything that needs to be healed or released will come into your awareness as you are ready to address it along with the intuition or supports required to resolve the issue.

The beauty of staying in surrender is it takes the guess work out of things. Because you are operating from a space of non-resistance, it makes you very easy to guide into the perfect right time/right place scenarios. It allows you to not only be moved into alignment with what you need, but also to be easily placed on the path of another who needs assistance resulting in you being of your highest service, acting as a willing guide on earth or the answer to a prayer.
處於臣服的美妙之處在於會省去猜測。因為你從不抵抗的境地運作,這會讓你非常容易被引入完美的正確時間/正確地點情景。 它可以讓你不僅進入與你所需之物的對齊,還會讓你能夠輕易地踏上幫助其他人最終導致成為你最高服務的道路,作為地球上一個樂意的指導行動或者對祈禱的一個回覆行動。

Because the divine combination of surrender, faith, flow, and trust takes the doubt out of whether you are doing enough or not (using the combination is always all that is required – if you are surrendered and not one thing happens, you can rest assured that simply holding your vibration was your highest service that day), it allows you to become more comfortable in each Now moment.

You will naturally start to practice more gratitude and presence, which puts you in a beautiful state of alignment. You will start to see more and more signs and synchronicities, and a deeper knowingness of how loved and guided you are. The entire system moves you into a greater embodiment of acceptance and allowing, which naturally activates experiencing much more grace, ease, peace, and patience.

The divine combination of surrender, faith, flow, and trust is the operating system of the enlightening human being and will serve you well in continually moving into your highest expression of self, where all your greatest potentials can be discovered and experienced. ~Archangel Gabriel





Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
翻譯:Nick Chan



















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