God said:

One day you are on top of the world, and the next day it may seem that you have sunk into despair, and you have no idea why. You just did. And here you are, as glum as can be, downhearted once again, downright miserable and feeling unloved.

Right now it doesn"t lighten your heart to know – and you do know – this too will pass. Everything is passing as We speak, yet you don"t see what good that does for you now when a mood is like a knife stabbing your heart.

You seek for reasons to justify your mood, as if the more reasons the better. How you want explanations. Beloveds, this is a mood. A mood is a mood. Moods are not justifiable.

This whole world you live in is filled with such a manner of things and blessings that I suggest that you think of reasons for this whole Gift of Life. When you feel down-trodden, suddenly or more gradually, you have forgotten the glory in which I hold you and the Glory of God of which you are made.

When you are in the middle of despair, you forget to remember fresh air and nature. You forget to remember all the beauty you partake of. You forget your worth to Me and to the world. You forget your Self. For a temporary spell, you accept a limited edition of yourself and take it as the gospel, as if moods know you better than I do.

You know, beloveds, that which is simply a curtain drawn over the stage you are on and named a mood is no more than the same as how a certain lampshade reflects a different shade of light. The light in the Heavens stays the same and doesn"t change. Through it all, the Light in Heaven stays unchanged.

There is One Light in Heaven. The light in Heaven is seamlessly pure. The light in Heaven is not mixed and back and forth. Heaven is not sullied with moods. There are no moods in Heaven. Moods are man-made. Truth alone abides in Heaven.

And, so, this uncomfortable blankness of heart you feel and call a mood is nothing but a two-bit illusion like any other illusion.Yet how real-seeming are your moods. It"s like you have been punched in the stomach, and the curtains drawn to keep the Sun and Stars away from your view.

Accept the foreboding of moods as an occasion to get up and dance a jig. Allow this dismay to withdraw.Moodiness is a sign that Bright Light is ready to climb right back into your heart. You are making room for more and greater Love and Light. There is no way to get round this.

Do not look for reasons why this glumness pursues you, for this very glumness is clearing the way for your destiny. In its true purpose, moods are a gift. Moods are but a reminder of how life can be when your draggy moods move aside, and Light is once more shining brightly on you.
不要尋找憂鬱總是抓住你的理由,正是它在為你的使命清除障礙。出於這真正的意圖, 情緒是一個禮物。它是在提醒你—當拖拉的情緒被移除時,生活可以何等的綻放,光也會再一次照亮你。

Accept the Truth that you are powerful beyond your reckoning and beyond the reckoning of the world as well. The world doesn"t really get it.The lame can walk, and you can get out of bed and surpass moods. You can become jaunty right now. You are not dependent upon moods, for when you feel hemmed in by your moods, this is a sure sign that the content of moodiness has risen to the surface and is on its way out. Moods are a sure sign of relief to come.

Turn yourself upside down for a while, and all the stress and strain and unwanted thoughts and feelings will shake out of you. Miracles will happen, for now you are free from the bounds that tied you up, pretty much the bonds that you tied yourself up in.





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