God said:

It would seem that, most especially when you are bothered by someone or something, it is singularly important to you to be honest."This is how I feel,"you might say."I have to be true to myself. I AM angry."

Beloved, anger is not true. Anger is not the truth of you. Anger is not true. Anger is not your truth. It is not the truth at all. The Truth of you is love. Somewhere beneath your distress at the moment lies the Truth of you, and the Truth of you is Love. The anger or resentment or righteous indignation, by whatever name you give to it, is an invader, an interloper, a stalker who has come in from out of the cold. How anger likes to get warmed in your heart. How anger likes to pass himself off as the honest truth when, all the while, anger is a masquerader.

Anger stole your truth and signed his name, as though he were a watchful warrior protecting you. Honestly, you don"t need anger. Anger has stolen your Truth and given it his false passport. Believe Me, anger is not a jolly companion. He is a troublemaker. He is not a peacemaker. He is an incendiary. A bomber. He blows everything up beyond proportion, and he injures everyone in his wake. He injures you most of all, although he also injures third parties, those who participate, and those who only observe. Anger is a blow-hard, and he also blows himself up.

Am I clear enough? Anger is not your honest truth. Anger is a marauder. Let go of your association with anger. He only uses you for a free ride.

Anger carries a certain amount of popularity. He advertises himself as a cooling agent when he is nothing of the kind. He is a pot-boiler. He loves to light flames. The flames he lights burn you. You do get your fingers burnt, and relationships. Anger is not victory nor is your association with anger to be proud of.

Anger has even been cast off as a motivator for Me. Anger is not My Cup of Tea. Love is My Cup of Tea. Love wins over anger any day of the week. Not that love tries to compete. Love knows what is worthwhile, and anger it"s not. The only lasting flame is love. Love is the fuel of the future. As a matter of fact, love is the only fuel there is. A mild heart outdoes combustion by a mile. Love surpasses flashy anger any day of the week.

Drop off anger. What"s left is love. Ire is anger, not love. Affront is ego, and ego sputters. Affront is a poor sport. Affront snivels under the guise of a warring anger. Ego, affront, anger etc. are not heroes. They are cowards. They do not want to face love. They want to arm against love. Anger means to show off, yet anger shows himself up for the blustering fake he is.

Your only choice is to surrender to the love that has been hovering in your heart. When you are overcome by anger, you are calling out for love. You are demanding love and,"Hurry up about it,"you are saying. You play a game of anger hoping that love will come to rescue you. It is your own heart that is waiting for your permission to love.
I gave you permission to love long ago. You have put anger before you like a shield. You don"t need anger. Love is your leader. Attest to love. Make room for it. Let go of old flare-up"s. Welcome love, and you will know love.





翻譯:Nick Chan





























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