My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Imagine that all your problems are simply dreams from which you have to awaken. Imagine that you could wake up tomorrow morning, and before you even open your eyes, you think to yourself,"Oh wow!!! I remember I am an amazing creator! I had a dream that I forgot! How awful. How unpleasant. Thank Goodness, I remember now!"

Then, lying there in your bed you begin to consciously design your day. You think about all you wish to accomplish, and ask your angels for help. You go through a list of people you care about and imagine each one happy and healthy. You imagine your body feeling strong and healthy. And then you imagine yourself, laying here in bed at the end of the day, feeling completely satisfied, loved, and happy about your day.

Now, dear ones, you are ready to put your feet upon the floor and get on with life!

You are creators.The more deliberately you decide upon, feel, and focus on what you wish for on a daily basis, the more your lives will begin to conform to your will, rather than you conforming to the whims and wiles of the world.

There are exceptions of course. You may not get the exact form of your dream. Instead you'll get"that or better."You can't create for someone else but you can support what he or she is creating. You can even"invite"him or her into a better reality by imagining them healthy, happy, abundant, expressed or whatever it is you wish for them.

Start your days, dear ones, consciously. Rather than rolling out of bed groaning about your days, wake up and say,"Oh yes! I am a creator! This is what I wish to create today! This is what I want help with! Thank you God! Thank you Angels! I can imagine how wonderful I will feel at the end of this day!"Keep practicing this and soon you will see your day to day reality transform into a much happier and more miracle filled existence.
親愛的一們,有意識地開始你的一天,而不是躺在床上對你的一天呻吟。醒來並說,"oh yes!我是一個創造者!這是我希望在今天創造的!這是我想要被幫助的!謝謝你,上帝!謝謝你,天使!我可以想像我會在今天的結束感到多麼地美好!"繼續這樣練習,很快你會看到你的日常現實轉變成一個更快樂、更神奇的存在。

God Bless You! We love you so very much.—The Angels





通靈:Ann Albers
翻譯:Nick Chan















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