Dear Ones, please know that perfection is not required in order to make great change.You do not need to have 100% compliance with a new way of being in order to be successful. What you do need is consistency, a desire to redirect should you forget to employ the changes you wish to make. The energetic scales tip when you do things the majority of the time.

So be kind and gentle with yourselves as you evolve. You will act from your heart beautifully at times, and other times you may default into old habits. But every time you choose again, you redefine yourselves and your intentions, and before long that consistency becomes a new habit.

Hear us when we say you are doing a remarkable job! You will get much further celebrating your successes than beating yourselves up for your humanity which, by the way, we think is one of the most beautiful things about you. ~Archangel Gabriel







Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
翻譯:Nick Chan

Ask Gabriel(請問加百利):



















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