A new military company has been established to fill in the vacuum being left behind as U.S.forces withdraw from the Middle East, Africa, and elsewhere, according to Pentagon, FSB, and MI6 sources. The company has at its disposal hundreds of thousands of Special Forces veterans from the U.S., Israel, the UK, Russia, France, etc. It's headed by a female former FSB agent and martial arts expert.

This announcement comes as U.S.acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller says:"We are not a people of perpetual war—it is the antithesis of everything for which we stand and for which our ancestors fought. All wars must end."


Pentagon sources say they welcome this development because the U.S.military now needs to concentrate on national defense, which these days mainly means"making sure the U.S.does not become a Chinese colony."

According to its female leader:The new company has a strong background in anti-terrorism, cybersecurity, and intelligence. It's apolitical and not connected to any country. The aim is to fill the gap left by the U.S.military by providing security to businesses and key people in high-risk environments.

The company also aims to find outlets for military veterans to ensure they do not go rogue or start working for Rothschild terrorist fronts like Al Qaeda, Islamic State, Antifa or Black Lives Matter, etc.

This development comes amid a change of the guard at the highest levels of the Western power structure as Cesare Forni, head of the P3 freemasons resigned, according to P3 sources. There is now a new leadership team among the groups who run military orders such as the Knights of Malta, the Templars, the Teutonic Knights, etc., the sources say.
據P3意共會消息來源,這一事態的發展正值西方權力結構的最高級別衛兵發生變化之際,P3主席塞薩爾·福尼(Cesare Forni)辭職。消息來源說,在馬耳他騎士團、聖殿騎士團和日耳曼騎士團等負責管理軍事秩序的團體中,現在有了一個新的領導團隊。

They have made a peace offering to Asian secret societies but have not received an answer by the time this report went live.The lack of an East-West agreement at this level is also what's behind the current political chaos and deadlock in the U.S.

What is clear is that the Khazarian Mafia offered control of the U.S.to China in exchange for financial support. The plan was to install Joe Biden as President only to have him replaced within a few weeks by Chinese representative slave-in-chief Kamala Harris, according to Asian Secret Society sources.
可以肯定的是,可薩暴徒將對美國的控制權交給了中國,以換取經濟支持。根據亞洲秘密會社消息來源,他們的計劃是先讓拜登當上總統,然後在幾週內讓中國的首席奴隸代表賀錦麗(Kamala Harris)取而代之。

U.S.President Donald Trump meanwhile continues to strongly protest the blatant theft of the U.S.Presidential election by the Khazarian Mafia and their Chinese allies. Since the bitter fight over the election result has been widely reported elsewhere, we will not dive too deep into the subject this week.

Nonetheless, we note the raid in Frankfurt, Germany where a computer server used in stealing the U.S.election was given to U.S.troops after a raid by German police.Attempts to read local news articles about this raid were censored.


However, here is a U.S.based report that was not censored.


We also note that Trump has been given a military action plan to deal with the Khazarian Mafia election theft and all that is required is his presidential signature to make it happen.


Militarily speaking all that is required is to occupy the headquarters of the six big media companies that control 90% of U.S.corporate media. They are Viacom, News Corporation, Comcast, CBS, Time Warner, and Disney. In addition, the headquarters of Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft would need to be occupied. Finally, a few hundred arrests need to be made in and around Washington DC. These would be the usual suspects. From a purely military perspective, this could be accomplished within 24 hours.

If POTUS fails to take these actions, U.S.patriots and members of the military who are counting on Trump to save the Constitutional Republic need to ask themselves some hard questions.

The biggest question mark around Trump remains his support of mass vaccinations for the provably fake Covid-19 pandemic. He did try to expose the fraud early on and then realized the wrath of the political backlash that would have become a divisive election issue the Democrats could attack him over. So allowing Fauci and Brix to take the heat for their recommendations as"experts" perhaps seemed like the safest strategy as the magnitude of the"plandemic" unfolded.

Trump may have figured that avoiding millions of deaths would be rewarded come election day and he possibly underestimated the MSM death chorus and unwarranted criticisms that awaited him. No matter how many lives were saved the Democrats would focus attention on the number lost and Joe would do his—empty seat around the dinner table—talk to the camera routine hoping voters forgot how he ridiculed Trump's shutting down flights from China in January.

Most of the people dying are the elderly being murdered by criminals like Cuomo in NYC old folks homes or placed on medically harmful ventilators unnecessarily to collect the $39,000 insurance bonus conveniently set up to motivate growing the death toll before the election.

For example, Trump recently said In July my government reached an agreement with Pfizer to provide $1.95 billion to support the mass production and distribution of 100 million cans, with the option to produce a total of 600 million cans shortly afterwards.buy.

Pfizer is the same company that, among other things, was forced to legally Severance payments to Nigerian families for carrying out an allegedly illegal clinical trial with meningitis drugs in children.Many of these children were subsequently paralyzed by the experiments and four children even died.

https://www.africanews.com/2020/11/14/trump-touts-questionable-pfizer-covid-19- vaccine post-election-loss

Now Trump tweets that Pfizer is well ahead of schedule with a great IMPFSTOFF has produced…There is no time to lose and we can only give it to those states that will use the vaccine immediately.

Pfizer itself says now:Scientists assume that the inoculations enervating, flu-like Side effects such as sore arms, muscle aches and fever will cause, the days last and some people temporarily leave work or school could keep away.


Even the highly brainwashed people at the Washington Post are watching and have published an Op-Ed, on which you can read a part of it:After so much death and illness, a riddle from the first days of the novel Coronavirus not yet solved.We still do not understand where it came from and how it became a global killer.The answers lie in China and possibly beyond that.
The world needs a credible, impartial investigation to better prepare for future pandemics.


Elon Musk recently said:"Something extremely fraudulent is going on here after had tested positive and negative twice for four coronavirus tests, which were performed by performed by the same nurse with the same test device.

Now Musk was obviously pushed aside with Covid-19.


Well, Washington Post and Mr.Musk, here is what MI6 has to say about it:On February 11, 2020, it was indeed the World Health Organization—WHO—that officially renamed this new coronavirus to SARS-Cov-2, with which notorious name Covid-19 and the abbreviation for a vaccination certificate ID19.

This vaccination program aims to facilitate the free movement of people through technological health passports within the unconstitutional confined global nation states restrict.

This is a tactical operation in a strategic, undeclared act of global genocide in the form of a hybrid war or asymmetric war by a crime syndicate that wants to murder the vast majority of the world's population.

Then, by means of advanced technology, exercise a global state of total control and total enslavement.In other words:genocidal global totalitarianism—extremist global terrorism.

The other possibility is that this whole COVID scam is used as a kind of initiation ceremony for some kind of global"resetting", benign or not.For example, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Castro said last week:This Pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset.

This is our opportunity to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to redesigning economic systems that are able to meet truly global challenges such as address extreme poverty, inequality and climate change.


We hope that this is a joke, and note that the the Canadian government has made the following takeover offer:Statistics Canada(STATCAN) has a requirement for the purchase, delivery Unloading and commissioning of two new programmable fully hydraulic cutting machines(hereinafter referred to as guillotines), including the all accessories necessary to meet the current requirements, and for the practical training of the designated operating personnel in the National Capital Region(NCR …


Even if this is all a big insider joke by secret societies and elites, the Situation on the ground for the average citizen anything but strange.

In the supposedly wealthy USA, there are now millions of Americans who rely on charity to avoid starvation.For example, two million people in the New York metropolitan area receive food aid and 500,000 in the Area of the San Francisco Bay.


The situation is so bad that in the last eight months more than 300,000 new Yorkers have bailed out of the Big Apple, as new statistics show.


Worldwide, the situation has reached a point where David Beasley, the head of the World Food Program, says:"Without billions of dollars, we will be 2021 famines of biblical proportions
All in all, the longer the West, and especially the USA, has been in a leadership crisis, the more paralyzed, the stronger Asia will become.
世界糧食計劃署(World Food Program)總幹事大衛·比斯利(David Beasley)表示:「如果沒有數十億美元,2021年我們將遭遇史無前例的飢荒。」總而言之,西方,尤其是美國陷入領導危機的時間越長,亞洲就會變得越強大。

Last week, the China-led RCEP agreement on a regional comprehensive economic partnership signed.It includes the ten-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations(ASEAN), China, Japan and South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

Other countries such as Canada, Great Britain and India are also considering joining.


In a possibly related development we have a Report of the Japanese military intelligence service, according to which US Vice President Mike Pence the Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga to a ceremony of veneration of Molech(alias Satan) before he was allowed to become Prime Minister of Japan.Suga has now turned against the USA by joining the RCEP.

The United States of China!

This is revenge on China for helping to steal the election for Biden.The Khazarian mafia has even agreed to extradite New Zealand and Australia.In conclusion, the US military and the White Hats Trump force to take military action against the Khazarian mafia in the USA.seize.

If Trump does not act, they must seriously consider setting up a of a transitional military regime in order to create the sewer known as Washington DC.clean up.

Otherwise, it is only a matter of time until they themselves are forced queuing for food and a COVID-RFID vaccine in the exchange for a digital wallet.



(註: 作者經由各管道得到的幕後消息,因為各種複雜的因素與局勢的變化,有時候可能不見得100%符合事實或發展的情況,加上被掌控的主流媒體不可能如實報導這類消息,因此更加難以得知真相,讀者要用心判別,不需全然拒絕或全然接受,只需以開放的心態參考,冷靜理性看待所有訊息,放下不共鳴的部份就好,切勿散播恐懼或是傳遞尚未明朗的訊息給未準備好的人。 )











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