Dear Ones,having your belief systems challenged and needing to reevaluate what is your truth is a natural part of your evolutionary process.This can be a difficult time for people,as their old systems crumble and new,more energetically supportive beliefs are yet to be discovered and fully assimilated.Discernment is an essential part of the enlightenment process but it cannot be properly used until a person is clear about their own truth.This must come from within,and is often facilitated by the experience of disillusionment.

Be gentle with those who are in the throes of this right now on your planet,as this stage can be very painful to navigate until they can settle into a new alignment that allows a much firmer foundation for them to build upon.You have all been there at one stage or another of your journey.It is a rite of passage and an opportunity for redirection.Understand they will need time to mourn the old until they can accept and settle more comfortably into the new.Continue to hold the space of peace and calm and you will be a stabilizing force on your planet as others try to work through their disappointment and adjust to their new reality.




Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
Ask Gabriel(請問加百利):









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