Dear Ones, the ebbs and flows of the universe are designed to support and nourish you, always, in all ways. It may feel like you are being unnecessarily challenged but that is only because you do not have the vantage point to see how beautifully orchestrated your dance of life as a human being truly is. The signs and synchronicities you so often see are reassurances of that wonderful choreography. If you can embrace whatever is being supported with the full confidence you are being divinely guided and served, you will develop the ability to see even more of the intricacy, purpose, and perfection that is woven into every phase of the flow.

Shelley Young:My internet is back! Oh my goodness, that seemed like such a long haul. I’m so happy to be back and able to connect with you! If you have been waiting to reschedule appointments, we should be good to go now. Thank you so much for all your loving messages, support, and patience through it all – they truly gave me comfort and encouragement during such a challenging time. xo
Shelley Young(傳訊者):我的網路通了!哦,天哪,這似乎是一個漫長的過程。我很高興回來並能夠與您聯繫!如果您一直在等待重新安排約會(編註:指預約Shelley的靈性服務),我們現在應該可以開始了。非常感謝您在這一切中提供的所有充滿愛意的信息、支持和耐心—在如此充滿挑戰的時刻,他們真的給了我安慰和鼓勵。

編註:傳訊者的所在地佛羅里達州遭受颶風侵襲,斷水、斷電、斷網了一段時間,以至於無法持續更新,現在終於接通網路了,祝福Shelley Young一切順利平安!

颶風伊恩增強 佛州坦帕一世紀來面臨最嚴重風災



Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
Ask Gabriel(請問加百利):







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