It's Metaphysical Monday! Today we will be discussing tips to help you stick to your spiritual practices.

With today's busy lifestyles, it can be easy to feel like you don't have enough time to dedicate to your spiritual practices. It's common to think that normal life and spiritual life are two separate categories. Ideally we meld the two together and everything just becomes part of who we are.

There's a misconception that we must spend hours on our spiritual practices. Obviously there are monks and mystics that spend a lot of time in prayer and meditation but that really isn't necessary for the average person. Simple moments of connection with pure intention are far more powerful and beneficial than you realize.

So how do you fit spiritual practices into your busy life on a regular basis? By incorporating them into routines that you have already established. For example, when you brush your teeth, connect with your guides. Say good morning and intend to have a wonderful day. When you make your bed, make the intention to surrender into the flow. When you have your morning coffee, practice gratitude. (I regularly thank whoever it is who invented coffee!) If you have a break from work, sit and breathe and be in presence and connection for a moment. If you are an energy healer, run a little energy on yourself in the evening when you are watching tv. End the day with a prayer or by reviewing your day and acknowledging the good things that happened and any kindness or acts of love you shared with others. This is a wonderful space to go to sleep from.

None of these practices take any time away from your day but can make a profound difference in how you feel energetically because they support both your balance and your forward movement. Little moments of connection scattered throughout your day can be far more helpful to you than a sporadic meditation practice that happens once every few weeks if you aren't too tired.
這些練習都不會佔用太多的時間,但可以對你的能量產生深遠的影響,因為它們支持你的平衡和向前運動。 如果你不是太累的話,在你一天中分散一些小時刻來連接高頻能量,這會比每隔幾週進行一次零星的冥想練習對你更有幫助。

And the beautiful thing is, if you make these practices part of habits you already have it’ll be much easier for you to remember to do them and they will ultimately lead you to a much more balanced and manageable schedule because you’ll be consistently shifting with your intentions and the universe will always meet you in that space. Again the smallest consistent practice can add up to big differences over time, and you have everything you need to start today.

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