It's Metaphysical Monday! Today's topic is working with the angels.

It took me a while to wrap my head around the fact that I could work with angels. I had a lot of thoughts like:

Why me?

Aren't they busy doing more important things?

Aren't my problems trivial to them?

What I’ve come to learn is that the angels are beautiful beings of service whose greatest joy is to help you. They will always honour your free will, though, so you must ask in order to receive their help. There is no concern that is too small for them, and there are literally legions of angels available to help you.

It is the same with archangels. It is their joy and honour to assist us. They love when we move into being in partnership with them! Developing a relationship with them is one of the most amazing things you can do and will enhance your life in countless ways.

To work with an angel never means that you are taking away from another. They are multidimensional beings which means they can be in many places at the same time. So trust that if you ask for their help it doesn't mean they have to drop someone else like a hot potato!

So how do you work with an angel? Simply ask and pay attention to any signs you get to let you know they are responding. They love to leave feathers on your path as little love notes of encouragement. They may make their presence known by angel songs, repeating numbers, angel clouds, or a myriad of other ways that you notice that let you know they are with you and you are connected with them.

You can also ask them to come and make their presence known to you. Get into a light meditation and check in with how you are feeling in your body. Then, with your inner voice, simply call on the angel of your choice and ask for a sign they are near. Common signs are feeling wrapped up in love, heart expansion, tingles, goosebumps, or my favourite a cool minty sensation in your nose or as you breath in. It is called the breath or the kiss of an angel. When I channel Gabriel I get that cool minty feeling right in the centre of my chest. I’m actually getting it right now as I receive this message!

You can also ask for a message. Remember their messages are always loving, encouraging, and never tell you what to do because they honour your free will above all else. If you think you received a message, trust! It is not like hearing with your human ears, it is more telepathic, so it is not likely to be quite as clear as you are used to. But the more you trust, the clearer it becomes.

One of my favourite things to do with Gabriel is to ask him to help me with a job or chore I’ve putting off. It always makes it easier! And I always ask him to roadtrip with me if I’m driving any distance and the journey is always filled with unexpected magic.
我最喜歡和加百列一起工作的事情之一就是讓他幫我完成我拖延的工作或家務。它總是讓事情變得更容易! 如果我要開車到很遠的地方,我總是讓他和我一起旅行,而旅途中總是充滿意想不到的驚喜。

Please know there is nothing special you need to do to deserve working with the angels. They are completely available to you and always have been. All you need to do is ask and start to nurture that relationship and it will grow and expand in so many wonderful ways until they are such an important part of your life you’ll wonder how you ever went without them!




作者:Shelley Young
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