We invite you to have an"as if"day. Why not, just for today, act as if you already have everything you could ever need – as if you are completely healed, as if you are living in complete harmony, as if you are a piece of the whole, as if you really are a beloved piece of God (which, of course, you are!), as if shining your light brightly is all that is required to do? How freeing would that feel to you?
我們邀請你度過一個「彷彿」的一天。 為什麼不就在今天,表現得好像你已經擁有了你所需要的一切一樣—就好像你已經完全痊癒了,就好像你生活在完全和諧的環境中,就好像你是整體的一部分,就好像你真的是上帝心愛的一部分(當然,你就是!),就好像只要閃耀你內在之光就足夠了?這對你來說會有多麼自由的感覺?

If you feel relief from this very thought, it is showing you what old stories you are ready to let go of. Give yourself permission to step beyond the old and see your life as a blank canvas filled with endless possibilities. Acting"as if"will shift your energies away from what you do not want and give you the freedom to start creating the life of your dreams.




傳訊:Shelley Young







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