Greetings, in the Light and the Love of our Infinite Creator,


A Fierce Storm is Brewing.

The Storm that is building up, is the Collective of Humanity being shaken awake. Humanity has been in a Hypnotized state of consciousness, in total compliance with their Overlords. But, Many have already awakened and are now, standing up and rejecting the main stream narratives, and propaganda to back wars, violence and Hate. Humanity can see with their own eyes what is happening. And they have had enough. The storm that is rising is Humanity lifting out of the Darkness, becoming aware of their captors, and rejecting the Violence towards their Brothers and Sisters.

Many see now that the Violence isn't being directed at other militaries, or militant groups, but at the civilians themselves. Humanity is tired and fed up with the overlord tyrannical governments, that only want to control or destroy them.

Many times the awakening begins with anger, when someone has been under the guise of being enslaved and realize that it is only make believe Chains that hold them. They rise up with great anger toward the ones who they once believed were their leaders, and protectors, but who really were their enslavers, and manipulators.

Humanity has always been under the enslavement of the ones you understand to be the Fallen ones. They are the Dark ones that betrayed the Infinite Creator, and the Angelic Realm, the ones who brought war and violence to the Earth. They are the Ones who are the true Captors behind the scenes of Your Governments. They have always controlled everything on the Earth, along with the Lower vibration species of Reptilian, Tall Grey and Dark Aligned Annunaki, up until now. Many of you may ask how this can Be. We have stated before through this channel that many of these beings either incarnate into the Human Forms, or possess the Humans they manipulate. When one of these Dark ones Incarnate, they know and remember who they really are from Life to Life. They know themselves to be the Fallen Ones. This is How they continue their Dark Agenda, This is how it has continued for thousands and thousands of Years in your Time space.

The Dark ones have always Walked Amongst Humanity, Deceiving and manipulating.

These Dark Ones are now being removed, or replaced. Some may even experience a walk in Consciousness shift, to where the Dark influencer is removed, and a positive counterpart of their souls, then will replace the Dark One. But Many will choose to leave their physical form.

Many of you are witnessing that This is already taking place. We stated within are last Channel that this has now begun, The Liberation of Earth. They will be removed from Earth and then placed on another 3D Planet, to continue their Spiritual evolution within Lower Life forms. You know these beings as the Elites or the Illuminati. These are the Ancient Families you know upon your Earth. They now have many minions, that follow their direction or Agenda. All will be removed or replaced that are aligned with the Dark Agendas.

Those of the Dark Fallen Angelic's who do not need to evolve, will be merged back with Source Light, and will then become what they have hated for so long, a Mortal Soul. That means they will then have to evolve back to higher Light, forgetting who they are.

At this Moment, they continue to Push and back the wars upon your planet. They continue to push their Control, But they depend on you as Humanity, you must comply to it, if you do not, they lose it all. Because their control is only an illusion. This is what is occurring, Humanity is now waking up to the Matrix systems of control that infringe upon your Freewill birthright.

As more awaken they will be looking for the Light, for Truth, for understanding. They will be looking for you our Dear Lightworkers, Starseeds, Angelics, and wanderers. You are the Ground Team. You are the Beacons, and you are a Big Part of the Force of Light. Spread your light and share your Love to all those you meet, for you are what is changing Everything. You are the Magnificent Children of the Divine Pair, The One, The Infinite Creator.

We witness you, We celebrate you, We honor You, and We Love you. In the Love and Light of the Infinite Creator. We are the Andromeda Intergalactic Council, here to Serve the Divine.





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