The Khazarian mafia is planning a holocaust or mass murder event for the US Christian heartland on April 8th. The entire April 8th solar eclipse event has been forensically traced to the (kill 90% of humanity and enslave the rest) Chabad death cult.

They are also telegraphing a 「black swan event」 through people like the fake General Mike Flynn and the politician Ron Paul.
他們也透過假將軍邁克弗林(Mike Flynn)和政治家羅恩保羅(Ron Paul)等人發送「黑天鵝事件」的訊號。

There is also widespread preparation for mass casualties, as can be seen for example in this emergency hospital being set up in Calgary, Canada.


【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-3-25 每週快訊

Let us be perfectly clear, solar eclipses are when the moon blocks the sun and have never been associated with mass casualties. This means what is planned is not a solar eclipse.

Our US Space Force sources tell us the KM are planning to use Reagan-era Star Wars satellite-based weapons, laser firing planes and other methods to kill as many people as possible in a burnt offering to Moloch, aka Satan. The mark used by the cult of Moloch is the official insignia of the Satanic Nazi government of Ukraine. (insert KM mark here)..


【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-3-25 每週快訊

These Messianic fanatical criminals want to carry out this event as a preliminary for a planned sacrifice of a red heifer to Moloch. (insert altar picture here)This would be followed by the construction of the third temple. Since the time of Moses, only nine red heifers have been sacrificed. Now, a 「massive altar」 for the tenth red heifer sacrifice has been built in Israel, and there is a tremendous amount of speculation that it could happen soon…there was 「a practice run of the purification ceremony」 in 2023.

But an official ceremony must be conducted before the heifers get too old to be used for such a sacrifice…according to Temple Institute rabbis, they hope to carry out the ceremony before [the April 22nd] Passover 2024.

The holocaust planned for this sacrifice WILL BE STOPPED. The US Space Force and white hat military will shoot down these satellites and other weapons if they are deployed.

Also, if they carry out a mass murder event in the US heartland then Jerusalem, Geneva, Kiev and the Norwegian Antarctic base will be wiped out by intercontinental nuclear missiles, US Space Force sources promise.

The reason the KM are desperate to carry out a mass murder event is because they are losing power and know they will be facing war crimes tribunals and the death penalty when that happens.

The events surrounding the British Royal family are a sign of this imminent collapse. King Charles, his wife Camilla, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, Crown Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton have vanished from public view.

Our MI6 sources tell us they were all killed by white hats after they sacrificed Kate Middleton to Satan.

Regardless of whether or not this is true, the public events surrounding the royals indicate something highly unusual is going on. There was the parade of the royal guards with a flag covered in black cloth and a white horse without a king on it. This is a traditional sign the king has died. Also, Kate Middleton failed to reappear after her 「abdominal surgery.」

After this, there were clumsy attempts to make it seem all was normal. A photograph of Kate released by the royal family was quickly exposed as fake. Then a video purported to be of her with Prince William was released.

BBC reporter Sonja McLaughlan among others said the woman photographed and seen in a video with Prince William is 「clearly not」 Princess Kate.
BBC記者Sonja McLaughlan等人表示,與威廉王子在照片和影片中出現的女性「顯然不是」凱特王妃。

Then we hear the person in the video was professional Middleton impersonator Heidi Agan.
接著我們得知影片中的人是職業的凱妃模仿者海蒂阿甘(Heidi Agan)。

Next in this drama, BBC told people to expect a major announcement from the Royal Family. Flags were seen at half-mast on UK government buildings, leading to speculation the death of King Charles was about to be announced.

All this happened after the public announcement of the death of Jacob Rothschild (Roth=Red, Schild=shield of Satan), who many claim was the real father of Prince William (our own MI6 sources say the father is the King of Spain).
這一切都發生在雅各·羅斯柴爾德(Jacob Rothschild)公開死訊後(羅斯=紅色,希爾德=撒旦之盾),許多人聲稱他是威廉王子的真正父親(我們自己的軍六消息來源稱他父親是西班牙國王)。

The MI6 sources say what really happened was a major white hat operation against the Satanists at the top of the UK government. With the red shield of Satan having been removed from the scene, a public announcement was going to be made that Kate Middleton had been killed in a Satanic sacrifice and that the royals involved had been executed.

That is why the flags were at half-mast and a major announcement was about to be made, the sources say.

However, before this could happen, Barack Obama, the Thunder of Satan (Luke writes in chapter 10, verse 18 that Jesus said:「I saw Satan "fall like lightning.' The Hebrew translation is 「baraq o bamah.」) shows up at the British Prime Ministers' residence (Insert video here).
然而,在此之前,歐巴馬,《撒旦之雷》(路加福音10章18節中記載耶穌說:「我見撒旦像閃電一樣從天墜下。」希伯來語翻譯為巴拉克·歐巴馬「baraq o bamah」)出現在英國首相官邸。

Following this, a new video was released by BBC showing Kate Middleton saying she had cancer.

They also released a photograph showing King Charles was still alive.


【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-3-25 每週快訊

The problem is the Kate Middleton video released was a deep fake. You can tell because the ring on her hand disappears and then reappears. Also if she is on chemo, why does she have a full head of hair?


【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-3-25 每週快訊

【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-3-25 每週快訊

As for the picture of Charles, a Canadian intelligence agency source comments:「They can read the name on a soldier's uniform from a satellite in space but they can't take a clear picture from the side of the road. The circus continues.」

The reality is a public announcement Kate Middleton had been sacrificed to Satan would lead to a complete collapse of KM rule in the West, which is why they are trying so hard to cover it up.

The troubles surrounding the Rothschilds and the British Royals are connected to the murder of NSA Agent Robert David Steele. The head of MI6 tells us Steele was murdered because he discovered a financial dark net that was based in Antarctica. Steele was investigating the financial backing of the KM international pedophile networks when he stumbled onto a supercomputer based in Antarctica. This computer was used by former Pope Maledict (「Benedict XVI」), Evelyn de Rothschild, David Rockefeller, US Presidents, Dick Cheney, 「and all of that generation of the Western establishment.」
羅斯柴爾德家族和英皇室所面臨的麻煩與美國安局特工斯蒂爾(Robert David Steele)的謀殺有關聯。軍六首腦告訴我們,斯蒂爾之所以被謀殺,是因為他發現了位於南極的金融黑網。斯蒂爾當時正調查可薩黑手黨的財務支持,偶然發現了一台位於南極的超級電腦。這台電腦被前教宗本篤十六世(Benedict XVI)、伊芙琳羅斯柴爾德(Evelyn de Rothschild)、大衛洛克菲勒(David Rockefeller)、美國總統、迪克錢尼(Dick Cheney)等西方建制的一代人使用。

This was how various terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda were financed. It was used to trade adrenochrome, launder drug money, pay for arms, etc.

At the time Steele and the NSA were zeroing in on this financial dark net Steele was approached by an individual by the name of Sacha Stone, aka Simon Jean Paul Sacha Adams. The articles linked below show Stone to be a Rockefeller deep state-connected agent charged with infiltrating truther movements.
當時,斯蒂爾和美國安局在聚焦於這個金融黑網時,他被一個名叫薩查斯通(Sacha Stone)的人接觸。薩查斯通又名西蒙·亞當斯(Simon Jean Paul Sacha Adams)。下面連結的文章顯示斯通是與洛克斐勒深層政府有關聯的特工,負責滲透真相運動。

Stone offered to finance Steele in a run for President of the United States. Steele was taken on a bus tour of the US heartland as a part of this. It seems Steele was offered this in exchange for his silence about the dark net. However, Steele told me he had a falling out with Stone. After that, he was taken to a Florida hospital, intubated and killed. When I asked my MI6 and CIA contacts at the time to intervene and help him, they told me he had been rescued and given a nice retirement pension.

These same sources now admit they lied and that he was killed to keep the Antarctica-based financial dark net intact.

Our US Space Force sources tell us 「There is a war going on in Antarctica between the light and dark forces, they both have very advanced technology.」 He adds 「The place is on lockdown.」 It is all connected to the mass sacrifice event planned for April 8th. 「Keep your eyes on the sky,」 the source says somewhat cryptically.

It looks like Obama's visit to slave Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was designed to buy time for some sort of Hail Mary move by the KM. In addition to whatever is planned for April 8th we saw a major push to start World War III with Russia via a mass murder attack in Moscow.

Obama obviously knew about the planned attack on the concert venue in Moscow and was hoping this would trigger the KMs' long-awaited Armageddon. That is why he was trying to buy time by delaying revelations about King Charles etc.

Credit for the attack was claimed by ISIS (Israeli Satanic Intelligence Service). US President Donald Trump says Obama founded ISIS. In the video below you can also see Obama himself admit to supporting this group.

「Today, ISIS took credit for the terror attack in Moscow. Obama's CIA created ISIS. Obama is the shadow POTUS. The CIA/MI6 already committed terrorism in the European theater by sabotaging Nordstream, There are no coincidences,」 a Pentagon source says.Polish and French intelligence sources both note ISIS and Hamas have been fighting against Russia in Syria. Russian FSB sources know the terrorist attack on them ultimately originated in Tel Aviv.
「法國記者梅森(Thierry Meyssan)評論道,今天,ISIS承認對莫斯科的恐怖襲擊。歐巴馬的中情局創建了ISIS。歐巴馬是影子總統。五角大廈消息來源表示:中情局/英秘密情報局在歐洲通過破壞《Nordstream》(北溪管道)來實施恐怖主義。沒有巧合,波蘭和法國情報都指出ISIS和哈馬斯一直在敘利亞與俄羅斯對抗。俄羅斯聯安局消息知道對他們的恐怖襲擊最終源於特拉維夫。

Israel is run by the followers of Volodymyr Jabotinsky, a historic ally of Benito Mussolini and therefore a 「fascist」 in the full sense of the word, comments French journalist Thierry Meyssan.
以色列由雅博京斯基(Volodymyr Jabotinsky)的追隨者管理,他是墨索里尼(Benito Mussolini)的歷史盟友,因此在詞義上是『法西斯主義者』。」

Speaking about fascists, we had KM Satanist Victoria Nuland say one month ago that 「Putin faces some nasty surprises.」 Furthermore, on 8 March, the US embassy in Moscow wrote it was 「monitoring reports that extremists have imminent plans to target large gatherings in Moscow, to include concerts and US citizens should be advised to avoid large gatherings over the next 48 hours.」
提到法西斯主義,一個月前可薩撒旦教徒盧嵐(Victoria Nuland)說:「普丁將面臨一些不愉快的驚喜。」此外,3月8日,美駐莫斯科大使館寫道:「正在監視有關極端份子計劃在莫斯科大型集會中採取行動的報告,包括音樂會,美公民應被告知在未來48小時內避免參與大型集會。」


【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-3-25 每週快訊

Russian President Vladimir Putin has pledged to track down and punish those behind the 「bloody and barbaric」 terrorist attack in a concert hall outside Moscow as the death toll has soared to 137, according to Russian authorities.


莫斯科音樂廳恐攻增至137死 蒲亭宣布全國哀悼


Putin said that 「all the perpetrators, organizers and those who ordered this crime will be justly and inevitably punished…Whoever they are, whoever is guiding them,」 Putin added.

A Russian FSB source says the CIA has 12 bases in the Ukraine where they train terrorists.

This is all connected to some massive and secret NATO build-up of forces in Ukraine and Romania.

French military white hat sources tell us General Jean-Louis Georgelin, the Chief of the French Defense Staff, was killed by the Russians in Ukraine late last year. The official story is he fell off a mountain and died.
法國軍事白帽子消息告訴我們,法國國防參謀長喬治林將軍(General Jean-Louis Georgelin)去年年底在烏被俄人殺死。官方說法是他從山上摔下而亡。

Georgelin was head of a 50,000-strong secret NATO force based in the Danube Delta in Romania on the Ukraine border, they say.

In confirmation, Polish intelligence sources report:

It's definitely heating up. So Israel & England just attacked Russia via their proxy. Now REGULAR TROOPS from France, Germany and Poland have arrived, by rail and air, to Cherkasy, south of Kyiv. A substantial force. No numbers have been leaked. They are being housed in schools. For all practical purposes, this is a NATO force.

The deployment of regular forces comes as former Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces Rajmund Andrzejczak says 「[Ukraine's actual] losses should be counted in the millions, not the hundreds of thousands.」 「There are no resources in this country, no one left to fight,」 the general added.
波蘭前武裝部隊總參謀長安德烈據查克(Rajmund Andrzejczak)表示:「(烏的真實)損失應該以百萬計算,而不是數十萬。這個國家沒有任何資源,沒有人能繼續戰鬥。」

Russia is also now talking about French troops in Ukraine. The head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Sergey Naryshkin says 「French President Emmanuel Macron is hiding the truth about the number of French soldiers already killed in Ukraine for fear of mass protests in his country.」
俄羅斯現在也談及了法軍在烏的問題。俄羅斯外國情報局(SVR)局長納雷什金(Sergey Naryshkin)表示:「法總統馬克宏隱瞞了在烏陣亡的法士兵數量,因擔心其國家將爆發大規模抗議活動。」

Naryshkin adds French military leadership 「fears discontent」 among active mid-level officers. 「Among the dead, there are "disproportionately many' of them, and already at the current stage there are problems with finding "volunteers' for rotation and "replacing those who have dropped out' in the Ukrainian theater of military operations,」 he said.

Our French military sources agree. They say the killed General Georgelin 「was a Freemason (not the nice Freemasons) homosexual and with pedo crime records kept under the rug to be able to control him.」

With the death of Georgelin the French military is now under the control of the white hats, the sources say. That is why the French military refused to obey orders from President Emmanuelle Macron Rothschild to kill French farmer protestors and declare war on Russia.

Last week the French white hats dealt a further blow against Macron by killing former French Culture Minister Frederic Mitterand, nephew of former President Francois Mitterand, they say. He was a top pedophile Satanist supporter of Macron, the sources say. They told us several other Macron backers would also be dying soon.The same sources also told us the Satanic Haitian Gangster Barbeque who appeared in our report last week has been killed along with his henchmen. They say the KM has now lost access to adrenochrome from Haiti.
消息來源表示,上週法白帽子進一步打擊了馬克宏,幹掉了前法文化部長密特朗(Francois Mitterand),他是前法總統密特朗的侄子。是馬克宏的頂級惡魔崇拜者和恐童罪支持者。他們透露,還將有幾位其他馬克宏的支持者很快玩完。同一消息還告訴我們,上週在我們報導中出現的撒旦海地黑幫燒烤與其手下也被幹掉。他們說可薩黑手黨現在已無法再從海地獲得腎上腺素。

French President Macron himself admitted 「Ukraine could fall very quickly,」 during a political event at the Elysee Palace

Macron is the most senior bloodline family member in a formal position of power in the West so his fall would lead to the collapse of KM rule in Europe, the French patriots say. Certainly, since the British and French branches of the Rothschilds are run by David Rene de Rothschild, a loss of control of France would be a huge blow to the KM.

This would leave only Klaus Schwab Rothchild in Switzerland with his WEF, WHO and UN forces.

The WEF is a fanatical political organization that uses fear and manipulation, like Covid hysteria, like the hoax of global warming, to really facilitate people thinking that somehow they're the saviors, but really all you're doing is helping them accomplish their goal, which really is a global public-private fascist movement, and fusion of big government, big tech [and] big money, to create a technocratic ruling elite, which conveniently is them.」

They want to create feudalism 2.0, in which we are serfs, and they are the lords ruling over us… That's what they're aiming for.

Schwab and his fellow goons are still trying to kill us with vaccines and bioweapons.

Polish intelligence informs us:

Communists in aprons sitting in the Silesian Medical Chamber in Katowice two days ago organized a rally of witches called a 「scientific conference.」 At the meeting, they announced a draft of a 「statutory ban on expressing views contrary to current medical knowledge.」 Let's start by deciphering the term 「current medical knowledge」. This is the 「knowledge」 coming from the very medical Central Committee of the Bolshevik Genocide Party, better known as the World Health Organization (WHO). This communist international, this medical Comintern, determines what is 「current medical knowledge」 on the basis of instructions it receives from the Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and the five greatest global murderers forming the crime syndicate called Big Pharma.

Let us remind you that the framework of 「current medical knowledge」 has been set for years by a representative of a terror organization – the People's Front for the Defense of Tiger – an Ethiopian murderer who heads the WHO.

Tedros' boss, Bill Gates, is a raving idiot:

NYT Interviewer:「Some people would even say that if you just planted enough trees, it could take care of the climate issue altogether.」

Bill Gates:「And that's complete nonsense.」「I mean, are we the science people, or are we the idiots? Which one do we want to be?」

Even if you assume that CO2 is somehow a 「pollutant」 that needs to be sucked out of the air (it's not, and it doesn't), you'd think trees—which suck CO2 out of the air for free—would make the ideal candidate. But no, apparently we need to impoverish ourselves into squalor building hideous, expensive and totally unnecessary carbon capture technology, attempting to solve a non-existent problem.

Gates and Schwab's Pharmacidical terrorists just got the fake rubber-masked Pope Francis to say 「opposition to COVID-19 shots 「distressed」 him since 「being against the antidote is an almost suicidal act of denial.」

This is what 「Pope」 Francis is pushing:

The vaccinated will soon begin dying in their hundreds of millions according to British Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen who revealed a Senior Cabinet Minister told him details of the plan to use turbo cancer to depopulate the world.
根據英國會議員布里奇恩(Andrew Bridgen)透露,一名高級內閣部長向他透露了使用高速癌症來減少世界人口計劃的細節,接種疫苗之人將很快開始以數以億計的數量死亡。

「You can speak out all you want,」 the Minister told Bridgen. 「It doesn't matter. You are vaccinated. You will be dead of cancer soon.」

Britain is suffering its longest sick note epidemic for 25 years as 2.7MILLION people claim they are too ill to work and holding back the country's economic growth in the process

England's vaccinated population had close to one million deaths in 23 months; the unvaccinated population had less than 61,000 deaths over the same period

Here is a person of interest in this case. German intelligence has warned us about Nicole Junkerman, a bond girl of Jeffery Epsteins' 「who entered the NHS through the UK Department of Health and Social Affairs through the help of Matt Hancock, MP, and her presence represents a major threat to the data security of all UK citizens. Each individual piece of information about you, your health problems, your blood group, the model of the wireless pacemaker keeps you alive, every detail of every embarrassing medical problem to sell, every embarrassing medical problem in the hands of the Israeli state apparatus and potentially to the highest bidder.」
這是此案的一名值得關注的人物。德情報警告我們關於妮可(Nicole Junkerman),是愛潑斯坦的「邦女郎」,「通過英衛生和社會事務部的幫助進入英國民健康服務(NHS),她的存在對所有英公民的數據安全構成重大威脅。個人的每條信息、健康問題、血型、保持生命的無線心臟起搏器型號,和每一個尷尬醫療問題的細節等,都可能被出售,都可能落入以色列國家機器的手中,並可能被賣給最高出價者。」


【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-3-25 每週快訊

【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-3-25 每週快訊

Not only are these Nazis still trying to vaccinate us to death, but now they are pushing pills that will transmit a message confirming it has been obediently taken by the sheeple. Here you can watch Satanic Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla (Bourla is a veterinarian not a medical doctor) say the FDA approved a digital pill that contains a microchip that transmits information once swallowed.
這些納粹不僅仍試圖用疫苗將我們置於死地,而且現在還在推廣一種藥丸,將傳達確認它已被順從地服用的訊息。在這可看到撒旦教化的輝瑞公司CEO布拉(Albert Bourla/他不是醫生,而是獸醫)說FDA已批准了一種數位藥丸,其中包含微晶片,一旦吞嚥就會傳送信息。

These criminals are also still trying to create a food and water crisis.National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan warned that"disabling cyberattacks are striking water and wastewater systems throughout the United States."
這些罪犯還在試圖製造食物和水危機。國安顧問薩利文(Jake Sullivan)和環保署長里根(Michael Regan)警告說,"破壞性的網絡攻擊在美各地的水和污水系統上發生。"

They are trying to blame it on"Chinese and Iranian hackers"but everybody knows it is part of the KM plan to create a food and water crisis by 2025.Now Bharati (Indian) activist Vandana Shiva warns us four companies are trying to take over control of all seeds used by farmers around the world and make sure they cannot reproduce on their own."They treat farmers having their own seeds as violating their monopoly rights,"she says.
他們試圖歸咎於「中國和伊朗駭客」,但人人都知道這是金融媒體計劃的一部份,旨在於2025年之前製造食物和水危機。現在,印度活動家席瓦(Vandana Shiva)警告說,有4家公司試圖控制全球農民使用的所有種子,並確保它無法自行繁殖。她說:「他們將擁有自己種子的農民視為侵犯其壟斷權利。」

These same KM Satanic gangsters are also still bringing criminals into the US by the millions. Venezuela is emptying its prisons and taking advantage of Biden's open border."Americans need to know, they're coming to the border"Speaking to by phone Monday, Miami immigration attorney Rolando Vazquez warned, "These are killers.'
這些同樣的金融媒體撒旦幫派仍以百萬計的罪犯入侵美。委內瑞拉正清空其監獄,並利用拜登的開放邊界。「美國人必須知道,他們正前往邊界。」邁阿密移民律師瓦斯奎斯(Rolando Vazquez)通過電話告訴每日郵報:「這些人是殺手。」

So how does the Biden circus show respond, you can't make this up:140 democrats are demanding that US veterans be disarmedThey are arming the illegal aliens and disarming veterans, this tells you everything.


【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-3-25 每週快訊

"It's almost impossible to imagine a future where there is not going to be significant violence as a result of this, given our fragile financial position,"says Field Marshall Douglas MacGregor.
陸軍元帥麥克格雷格(Douglas MacGregor)表示:「考慮到我們脆弱的財政狀況,幾乎無法想像未來不會因此而產生嚴重暴力事件。」


【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-3-25 每週快訊

We also note the criminal government behind this just kicked the financial can down the road a little longer."It is anticipated to unravel by starting in June and really going full downward spiral around August,"a Pentagon source says.

If you do not think this is deliberate; look at what Justin Castrudeau has done to Canada. How in the world did we get to the point where lettuce is $7 in Toronto?Look at the video below to see how Castrudeau has ruined Canada.

Now compare that to what Putin has accomplished for Russia.


【本傑明·福爾富德】2024-3-25 每週快訊

What happened to Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar shows current leaders in the West are not free to follow their hearts even if they want to.
愛爾蘭總理瓦拉德卡(Leo Varadkar)遇到的情況顯示,即使西方的現任領導人想要追隨自己的心也不自由。

In the first video, Varadkar tells Joe Biden his country stands with Palestine.

Then he abruptly resigns (He was forced to resign by the KM Zionists)

As Archbishop Carlo Vigano notes, all Western leaders are controlled through blackmail, mostly related to pedophilia so they are not free to act on their own.
正如大主教維加諾(Archbishop Carlo Vigano)所指出的,所有西方領導人都受到勒索的控制,主要與兒童色情有關,因此無法自由行動。

By contrast here you can watch a person who follows his conscience. It is a Jewish man bravely denouncing how "settlement' real estate properties in the West Bank are being illegally sold in American Synagogues.

We hope Donald Trump (the real one) will return to power soon and end this nightmare. The Secret Space force sources say there are now two Donald Trump avatars appearing in public along with the real one who is still at the Mt. Cheyenne military base in Colorado."They each have a role to play in the scenario that is now unfolding,"he says.

Whatever that may be; KM Zionist minions are losing it when it comes to Trump.Here you can watch Bernie Sanders say:Trump's next term is so dangerous that climate change will kill all of us if we allow him to come into office, he will use the military against citizens, he hates the mainstream media, he is a conspiracy theorist, he doesn't believe in elections where water pipes burst in the middle of the night.
無論是什麼情況;當涉及到川普時,金融媒體錫安主義的爪牙都在失去控制。在這裏可看桑德斯(Bernie Sanders)說:「如果我們允許他回到職位,川普的下一任任期將是如此危險,以至於氣候鬼話將殺死所有人,他將動用軍隊對付公民,憎恨主流媒體,是陰謀論者,不相信在半夜水管會爆裂的選舉。」

Now look at what his former opponent Hillary Clinton Rockefeller did in 1975.

This is what the KM has done to our civilization:


HEALTHCARE it is dictated by elites who are not doctors at all.

SCIENCE it is dictated by elites who are not scientists.

THE NEWS is dictated by elites who are not journalists.

EDUCATION is dictated by elites who are not educators at all.  

HISTORIOGRAPHY is dictated by elites who are not historians.

GOVERNMENT is dictated by the elites, who are not representatives of the people.

AGRICULTURE is dictated by the elites, who are not farmers.

THEOLOGY is dictated by the elites, who are not scholars at all

SERVICES are dictated only to the elites, not the population.

CONSTITUTION is an artificial legal creation in which, only you are punished, not the elites."

This article shows China has formally begun the hydrogen age:

China's first homegrown hydrogen-powered train completed its full-load running test at the speed of 160 kph on Thursday, it is a groundbreaking record for achieving performance verification of a full-system, full-scenario, and multi-level test of the hydrogen train.



Equipped with a built-in hydrogen power system, the average energy consumption per kilometer of the train is 5 kWh during the test, which is on par with world-leading levels, and the maximum mileage of this train can reach more than 1,000 kilometers.

If we don't all want to end up as Chinese slaves, we need to remove the KM.














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