Potential for Great Growth

The key to rapid advancement during these phases of great waves of growth potential,is to remain grounded,clear,and focused.Set your intentions now for the seeds of potential are great and it is the best time to create.This is a good time to look at your behavioral patterns and look at the ones that you would most like to transform and let that be your focus.This is the path of transformation and these are the opportunities to make it so much more.Have the courage,take the plunge and prepare.Make the most out of this and plant the seeds that you wish to nurture and to grow in the coming times.

A balance of passion and calm may be called upon in order for you to keep your focus,however it is what will serve you best as things around you find their place.Trust in the process,trust in divine timing,and most of all,trust in your own self and your heart.

Affirmation: "I consciously set my intentions for the seeds I wish to nurture and grow.I trust in Divine timing,for the good of all."

And so it is

You are dearly loved and supported,always,the angels and guides


通靈:Sharon Taphorn
翻譯:Nick Chan





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