The 40 days after the equinox, which will bring you to the end of April, is a very potent period for manifestation and creation. What dreams have been waiting patiently for you to give yourself permission to recognize and grow, not just for you but for the highest good of all? What have you always wanted, deep in your heart, but never had the courage to see if it could become a reality for you? Not only is it time to connect with your truest desires that represent the full and authentic expression of who you really are, it is time to anchor so deeply into your faith and trust you give them everything they need to open up for the next incredible chapter of your life. All the work you have been doing has been for the period you are in right now, Dear Ones. The moment is now. We urge you to remember and apply what you know, settle into being your truest you, and allow the unfoldment to lead you from there. It will serve you, and your planet, beautifully.




Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
翻譯: Nick-Chan
Ask Gabriel(請問加百利):






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